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What Time Is It?

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

It’s Depot Time!  You know you are missing your NASCAR fix hardcore when you get excited by a sponsor commercial.  Of course this one happens to star my* our* favorite 3-time Cup Champion TONY STEWART:

So you know I had to show it to you. I have long thought Office Depot needed some advertisements with Tony in them! Finally we have one. Hopefully more are in store for us (I don’t know why but “in store” just cracked me up- I think it has been a long day). If they need some ideas for some funny commercials I have a few ideas in my back pocket!

Of course now in my head I keep hearing “DEPOT TIME”  as in “Hammer Time” as in MC Hammer and envisioning my dad dancing around the house in these crazy (embarrassing) parachute pants he use to wear on occasion when I was a teenager. Oh the mortification is still fresh.

So how do you know you are missing your NASCAR fix? And what do you do to fix it because we still have several weeks and football just isn’t doing it for me.


* Have you ever noticed that Tony Stewart uses the terms “we” or “ours” when he means me or mine? I am so taking that up.

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