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Misty’s ‘Mazing Moment : Bud Shootout

Posted by Misty in General | NASCAR

Kyle Busch’s “spin-catch-spin catch” move was by far the most amazing moment of the race for me. Love him or hate him, that was some great driving and certainly got my attention. The fact that he later went on to win the Shootout was just icing on this moment in the race.

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  • Amy says:

    Not a huge fan of Kyle Busch…but last night he showed how talented a driver he is. He saved his car not only once, but twice. I think if a rookie or less experienced driver is in the same spot as Kyle, it would have been ugly. At then he goes on to win the Shootout. I was not as thrilled with the fact he went by Tony (using the old school sling shot move), but I have to give him kudos for his move.

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