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The BG Tony Stewart Interview

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

I just got back home to the central coast of California from my race weekend in Vegas. I have A LOT to share with you (I took hundreds of pictures spread between two cameras. I know I will like only about 5 of the pictures but I haven’t even had time to take my cameras out of the bag yet).  I know Misty has some stuff to share too.

I wanted to get this out there first!  One of the first things we did for the site was interview Tony Stewart before his Office Depot appearance on Thursday March 8th in Las Vegas.  Now Misty and I had this interview planned for awhile, and we had been batting question ideas for Tony back and forth one day when Misty came up with the idea…why don’t we try videoing our interview.  I LOVED the idea.  I am always up for trying something new.

Fair warning- I hate the way my voice sounds…but doesn’t everyone? And yes I KNOW I SAID UM a lot – it’s been pointed out to me several times after the interview (like it even had to be…I am my own worse critic and noticed it right away). So…just ignore that.  I mean he is a three time Sprint Cup Champion after all and I may have been a wee tiny bit nervous!   So without further ado enjoy our video interview:

Special thanks to Misty for filming it with her steady hand!

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