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Tony Stewart Live Rancho Cucamonga Q&A…but NOT

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

A couple days before the race in Fontana- that TONY WON-he did an Office Depot autograph appearance at the Office Depot in nearby Rancho Cucamonga that included a live Q&A that was also being broadcast out there on the web.  WHAT A GREAT IDEA – huge thumbs up to whoever thought of that.  There was a live audience in attendance at the Office Depot and questions were submitted from the internet as well as the live audience. I SOOO wanted to go.  But I wasn’t even able to watch the Q&A on the internet because I was in my car at that time.

Luckily the good folks over at Office Depot Racing posted the video for us to see (AND on youtube- so I can embed it YEY!!!)

I was sad that I missed the action at Office Depot (I am still hoping one might happen in advance of Infineon because that is the closest NASCAR track to me- but that doesn’t look like it’s the case) but at least I got to attend the race down in Fontana and see Tony WIN for the second time this year. Hey…that’s right. I have been to BOTH of Tony’s wins for the year.  Maybe I AM a good luck charm after all!!

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