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NASCAR Fandom- it’s a sickness!

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

So at work the other day I was putting in a vacation request for NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week in LV. When I put in any sort of leave- it automatically emails my boss (whom for the purpose of this post I shall refer to as Bossman) so he can approve it if need be.  It’s an easy process that basically has me choosing things from a series of pull down menus then typing in a description of the absence. In the description box I put: “Champions Week LV” (nothing mentioning NASCAR specifically).  When checking my work after I had submitted it- I realized that I had made a mistake when selecting absence type and put it on the calendar as sick leave instead of vacation leave- so I immediately went back in to fix my mistake. After I fixed it I checked my email and saw that Bossman had forwarded me the original absence request email and all it said from him was “Um, sick?”

I had to smile because obviously I had made a mistake and he caught it. I emailed him back and said I fixed it and his next email cracked me up: “cough, nascar, cough, not feeling well, cough Tony Stewart”

Bossman, of course, was kidding with me since I had already fixed my mistake in our absence recording system…but it also says a lot that he figured it was NASCAR related (as most of my vacations are) and remembered who my favorite driver is (his office is not in the same building as mine so it would be easy for him not to know).

2011 NASCAR Champions Week Las Vegas Photo Collage (All Photos Credit: Amy Marbach)

Even Bossman knows NASCAR is a sickness!

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