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Sonoma Bound

Posted by Amy in NASCAR

I am soon bound for Sonoma Raceway:

For updates on what I am up to in Sonoma you can follow me on twitter- @BadGroove so you can see what I am up to 140 characters at a time.

Also be sure to follow Misty who will be there too- @fyrstorm24

(and yes- I have both of my cameras with me so hopefully I will catch some good photos to share with you all)

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  • Cary says:

    I really enjoyed the turns at Sonoma, Infineon Raceway and hope for another bent race track event in the future… and one in the Chase too! My wife blew my mind this weekend while I was watching the race as she pranced around the house in a spoof of the NASCAR logo tee shirt with the word BORING on the front! She picked it up at http://www.nascarwidows.com and it was quite funny. Can you imagine that, calling a road race track boring… oh well…

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