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CONTEST ALERT: Win Our Ultimate Summer Tailgating Package

Posted by Amy in Contests | General | NASCAR

**** This contest is now closed. The winner will be notified soon via email. ****

The kind folks at Pepsi Max Racing have given us this TOTALLY AWESOME ULTIMATE SUMMER TAILGAITING PRIZE PACKAGE just for you! The prize package is an uber cool summer tailgate party and including a Jeff Gordon/#24 keg BBBQ grill, Jeff Gordon/#24 BBQ tools, Pepsi MAX #24 cooler (that looks like the front half of Jeff Gordon’s car, a gift cards for Walmart to supply you with your BBQ/tailgate groceries, an XL Jeff Gordon Pepsi MAX race jacket, and more!!

A #24 Keg BBQ Grill, #24 BBQ tools, An XL Pepsi Max Racing Jacket, $50 worth of Walmart Gift cards for all your party supplies! Enter now and it all could be yours.

To enter for the Jeff Gordon Prize Package all you have to do is tell us in the comments how YOU take your race day to the MAX!  Do you have a special race day ritual- perhaps you wear the same shirt every race day (I have a pair of pink socks with checkered flags on them that I wear almost every race day)? Do you have a specific tailgate recipe that puts your tailgate party over the edge?  Whatever you do when you settle in for a race day we want to hear about it!  Just leave us a comment on this post with your MAX ritual.  It can be anything, trackside or from home! (Misty mentioned in the comments her race day ritual to get you all started- but her entry does not count!)


1. To enter this contest you MUST leave a valid email address on the comment so that we can contact you if you win. If you do not leave a valid email address you forfeit the prize.

2. You may only enter ONCE!  If you leave multiple comments you WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

So enter OUR contest now!!

You have until Midnight Pacific time on July 5th to enter.

**** This contest is now closed. The winner will be notified soon via email. ***

I also wanted to tell you all that Pepsi MAX will be running the Pepsi MAX IT NOW contest starting July 7th (pre-registration for the contest is ALREADY OPEN!) where the Ultimate Grand Prize is a trip for two to the Martinsville Speedway and a one-on-one interview with #24 Pepsi MAX driver Jeff Gordon! The best thing about their contest though? Is that they are giving out TONS of daily prizes too! Awesome things like #24 Jeff Gordon race gear, giftcards, race experiences AND MORE.  Once you sign up for the Pepsi MAX It NOW contest, you work on 24 challenges using things like facebook, twitter, youtube, 4square, Google+ to gain points. The top 10 in points will move on to the FINALS where the grand prize is that awesome trip to Martinsville! Be sure to sign up for that contest today after you enter ours for your ultimate summer tailgating package!

**** This contest is now closed. The winner will be notified soon via email. ***

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8 Responses

  • MIsty says:

    I am just kicking this off… every race day the first thing I like to do is check weather.com to see if there is going to be any rain shenanigans to get in the way of my race day fun. I always wear a Jeff Gordon tee – I have quite the collection of them. I have also been known to place other driver’s diecasts on their lids on top of my TV, as a way to jinx their run. LOL!

    For big races, I like to incorporate sponsor items and decorate in race themed decor. Like a few Shootout’s ago when I have a pyramid of Pepsi Max and Budweiser cans surrounding my chocolate DRIVE TO END HUNGER cake- it was the debut of Jeff’s DTEH paint scheme, afterall.

    Now your turn… what do you do to celebrate race day?

  • Billy Keldsen says:

    I get it poppin by calling up the crew and see whos house we are going to watch the race at. Once we found that out its time to bbq. Pull out the Gordon tee and talk some big shit on how my driver is going to put the smack down on the whole field

  • elaine says:

    I want my pepsin Max bottle

  • Amy P. says:

    I hope I don’t have to be a Gordon fan to win. I like Gordon, but Tony is my dude.

    I have pretty much the same ritual each week. I wear whatever Tony shirt I had on when he either won a race or had a top 10. If he did horrible, that shirt goes to the back of the closet. During his 2nd championship run, I would only wear my Brickyard shirts. When he won his first Brickyard, I was wearing a Brickyard shirt. Because I played sports, I buy into all that superstious stuff. I also make sure I watch Race Day. I MUST listen to the Star Spangled Banner AND the command. I also have to set up my “command center” too (internet/radio/scanner). Without it, I cannot have an enjoyable race experience. Last thing before, I hunker down, I ask my youngest son, “What day is it?” he responds “Race Day!”. I then ask him “Who is gonna win?”. His response, “Tony Stewart”! When all of this is done, we are set to go. That’s about it. Nothing fancy…but I wore the same shirt through the last ten races last year and well Tony won 5 out of 10 races. I am just saying…

    Note…I didn’t do all the ritual things last night and well…we all know how it turned out for Tony.

  • Lisa Wight says:

    I love to bring race day to the MAX by cooking a supper featuring foods from the area around the race track. Phoenix often means some sort of nachos (not necessarily Arizonian, but close enough), Miami Homestead might include Key Lime Pie, etc. I have a cookbook, “Best of the Best from All 50 States”, that I use often. Of course, for the Kentucky race, what else but Kentucky Fried Chicken? When our favorite driver, Bobby Labonte, drove the Banquet car, we would have a meal from the Banquet brand (which was not as yummy as something I made from scratch). Anyway—race day seems to revolve around food. (Maybe because I revolve around food!) Great contest, Amy!

  • Heather Costes says:

    Trying to win for my sister, she is a huge Jeff Gordon fan. Would love to surprise her.

  • Pam Edwards says:

    Depending whether we are at the track for the race or at home, we always MAXimize our race day traditions. If we’re at the track, tailgating is a must! Always trying out new recipes and having fun with fellow race fans! While we are at home on race weekends, there is a group of us that we do different theme parties for each race. We have done anything from a Mexican fiesta Nascar party to Nascar pool parties. The next time it is our turn to host our turn to host our weekly Nascar party, no one knows, but they will be enjoying a Nascar themed wedding reception, as we are getting married at the track when we go to Bristol next month!!

  • Steve Smith says:

    My raceday ritual is always the same. I always our race room full of snacks and refreshments. The big screen tv with surround sound tuned into Speed for pre-race and let the fun begin when the race starts! I always make sure there is a MAX experience for everyone who comes over to enjoy the race

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