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Amy’s NASCAR Reading List Special: Interview With Author Melissa Goodman

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As a NASCAR fan who is also a voracious reader I have a whole shelf in my bookcase devoted to NASCAR.  This specific shelf has books that range from driver biographies, to general NASCAR guides like NASCAR FOR DUMMIES, to coffee table books filled with spectacular pictures.  There are books of quotes and how-to books (Seriously I own a book about how to be a crew chief).

The thing is, as much as I love these books, something is missing and some of them (especial the how-to books). The ability to get lost in a story. The reader in me does love getting lost in a good story.  After all, one of my favorite things about reading when I was a child is that I could get lost in someone else’s world for awhile.  Escapism at it’s best, reading allowed me to see life through someone else’s eyes if only for a little while.  Fiction is the only real way to do that. You can probably understand why I was delighted when I was asked if I wanted to read a book that incorported racing and fiction. Sounded PERFECT for me. It’s Your Love a debut novella (ebook) from Melissa Goodman allowed me to do just that- escape into the world of main character Allie Carter, who in the midst of a year of change learns to trust herself and fall in love with driver Kade Wentworth.

Born and raised in Lexington Kentucky, author Melissa Goodman is a diehard member of the University of Kentucky’s Big Blue Nation and a lover of all things Nascar, reality television and fairytale endings. She was kind enough to grant BadGroove the following interview:

BG: How did you get the idea for It’s Your Love?
Melissa Goodman: I’m definitely a writer that comes up with their characters first and then figure out what the story is.

BG: Describe It’s Your Love in your own words.
Melissa Goodman: At its core It’s Your Love is a love story about two damaged people who are finding their way in the world and to each other.

BG:  How much of yourself is reflected in Allie (the main character in It’s Your Love)?
Melissa Goodman: There is alot of me in Allie. We share a lot of backstory. 2010 was a year that changed my life. In January I had a health scare with diabetes and since it is a disease that runs in my family I knew that I had to get with the program quickly. By November I had lost close to a 100 pounds and my life was changing. Then four days before Thanksgiving my dad, who had been on the liver transplant list, got the call. Like Allie, my dad, was one of my closest friends and my hero. He battled for 5 weeks and had 6 more surgical procedures (including another transplant) before passing away two days before Christmas. I miss him more and more everyday.

BG: It’s clear by reading It’s Your Love you have a love of racing. How did you become a fan?
Melissa Goodman: In the early 2000s my family really got into NASCAR. I’m a big sports nut but racing had never appealed to me. I was only of those snobs that asked “What’s the big deal about driving in a circle.” My family (both immediate and extended) decided to start a fantasy league in 2004. I wanted to participate just to be included. Each member gets a primary driver who was their favorite driver. So being the new girl I got to chose last. All the names that I knew Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson were gone. I was so screwed. Luckily my mom came to my rescue. She said pick Kevin Harvick. I was like who? She said trust me Missy. This guy is going to win races. I’ve been a fan ever since. My love was cemented though in 2006 when I first visited Daytona International Speedway for the Daytona 500. I was hooked on going to races after that.

BG: How would you describe racing to a non fan who was interested?
Melissa Goodman: It’s a four hour horserace that requires skill, a good strategy, and a bit of luck

BG: How did you get your start writing? Is it just something you have always done?
Melissa Goodman: I’ve been writing so long that I’m not sure how I got started. I come from a long line of auditory storytellers. Many summer nights my family would sit until well after the sunset sharing funny stories and antecdotes.

BG: Is It’s Your Love your first published story? Do you plan on writing more (Oh please say yes!)
Melissas Goodman: It’s Your Love is my first published piece of fiction. However I have had three independent screenplays produced and placed 1st Runner Up in the NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness Screenplay Contest. Currently I’m working on a post apocalyptic western (a la the Hatfields and the McCoys). This series of books is contracted through Hydra Publications and are set to debut in 2013. After that I have another NASCAR inspired trilogy about three brothers racing and finding love at the sport’s premier level.


Seriously download Melissa Goodman’s It’s Your Love! It is available for purchase on Amazon.com here (it is only available as an ebook BUT be like me and download the FREE amazon kindle ap for your computer and you don’t even have to have a KINDLE to read it).

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