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Tony Stewart SackPack Donation & A Peek At The Back-To-School Paint Scheme

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As I mentioned last week Tony Stewart would be doing an Autograph Appearance for fans at an Office Depot store in Indianapolis Indiana.  Part of his autograph appearance included the first Sackpack donation for the upcoming school year that Tony helped The Office Depot Foundation distribute.  I know that I have talked about it before but basically the National Backpack program supplies sackpacks filled with necessary school supplies to local non-profit organizations that help support young people in their community.  I honestly think that this is a WONDERFUL program! Just a small pack full of school supplies helps give children the tools they need to succeed in school- what a great gift.

Before I show you some pictures from the event let me give you some Fun Facts about the 2012 Office Depot National Backpack Program:

  • You would need 3,840 sackpacks to cover 1 mile.  For NASCAR fans – It would take 5,760 sackpacks to go around the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway – and 9,600 to circle the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • You would need about 8,000 school buses to hold all 400,000 kids receiving sackpacks this year.
  • The sackpacks that the Foundation is donating in 2012 contain: Enough crayons to give one to every person in Philadelphia.More than 85 miles of pens and pencils laid end-to-end. About 11 tons of erasers – weighing roughly the same as 4 rhinoceroses.

You can find more fun facts about the Office Depot Foundation’s National Backpack program here. And now for the fun part- the pictures of the donation celebration:

Carts full of Sackpacks await their new owners at Office Depot in Indianapolis, IN on July 25th. (Photo Credit: Action Sports, INC)

Tony Stewart addresses a crowd of children and the representatives from the non-profit organizations that they rerpresent at the National Backpack Program event at the Office Depot in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 25th 2012. (Photo Credit: Action Sports, INC)

Tony Stewart with a group of sackpack recipients at the Office Depot in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 25th 2012. (Photo Credit: Action Sports, INC)

6,000 sackpacks were given away to organizations such as: Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP), Covering Kids and Families of Central Indiana, Happy Hollow Children’s Camp, Samaritan’s Feet International, Teachers’ Treasures/Kids In Need Foundation and other local organizations assisting children. You can find more great pictures of the event here at Office Depot Foundation Facebook Indianapolis Back To School Celebration photo album. You will definitely want to check out their photo album- you can tell by the kids faces that they LOVE their new sackpacks!

If you are already a Tony Stewart fan you know that since he partnered with Office Depot he has not only taken place in the Office Depot Foundation National Backpack program, but he also runs a special BACK TO SCHOOL paint scheme every season (I nearly typed semester because all the school talk and well I do work at a university). Well this season that Back To School paint scheme will run at the upcoming Pocono race. Here is a sneak peek at the car:

The 2012 Office Depot Back To School Paint Scheme (Photo Credit: Action Sports, INC)

Front view of the 2012 Office Depot Back To School paint scheme that will run at Pocono. (Photo Credit: Action Sports, INC)

TV Panel of the Back To School Office Depot paint scheme on the 14. (Photo Credit: Action Sports, INC)

I love this paint scheme even better than last year’s because the 14 is outlined in my FAVORITE COLOR! I hope it brings Tony luck at Pocono!!!

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