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Race 22: Pocono (Rain and Lots and Lots of Pictures)

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Warning- this post is going to be laden with photos. Why? Because photographers Glenn and Jessica Bure were kind enough to supply BG with photos of Tony and his car in Pocono. So a HUGE thank you to both Glenn and Jessica for sharing their pictures with BadGroove! Also a huge Thanks to The Office Depot Foundation for supplying BadGroove with pictures from the Allentown, PA Sackpack donation!

The Office Depot Foundation #14 Chevy on track at Pocono. (Photo Credit: Jessica Bure)

While trying to decide WHAT to talk about when it came to the race at Pocono and Tony Stewart…I have to say this. I don’t know why they keep unloading cars that aren’t good but it’s really disheartening for me to see Tony struggle during practice and qualifying.  When I saw that Tony qualified 28th I was sad…and a little mad. I may have even rolled my eyes and “tsked” but I can’t and won’t verify that actual “tsking” took place.

Frankly the lack of good cars from the outset of a race- no matter what the track concerns me on multiple levels. My biggest concern about this are the rumblings I am hearing that NASCAR is considering doing away with the Top 35 rule so that ALL drivers must qualify on speed. Yeah that worries me quite a bit because one “missed” set up and you could be sitting on your thumbs during race weekend. And your fans stuck sitting on their thumbs too.

Working to make the 14 car better during practice at Pocono. I love that it says Welcome To The School Of Smoke on the side of the car. (Photo Credit: Jessica Bure)

I digress a bit though.  On Sunday I turned on the TV a bit late…and saw that it was POURING rain at Pocono. I hmphed a bit and then decided that I would leave.  Why go if it was going to be rain delayed for hours…I didn’t want to be held hostage by mother nature and my race so I did my errands and by the time I came back to the race- it was just underway. Talk about good timing.

Tony Stewrt accepts a contingency award from USG Sheetrock during driver introductions at Ponoco. (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure)

Luckily it seems that despite having a car that didn’t qualify well- the team was able to get it workable for Tony who worked through his way up through the grid steadily.  I don’t know if it was just my imagination but he seemed to get better the longer the run got. The fact that team 14 was able to work on the car during the race and make it better- just like they did at IMS gave me a bit of relief.  Anyway he had worked his way into the top 10, pitted and then was back down in like 14th and worked his way back into the top 10 again but just barely. That’s when Jimmie had his tire go flat and he got into Kenseth and caused the melee- and Jeff Gordon so artfully snaked his way through that- bringing a long a line of cars of which Tony was part of.

Tony Stewart during driver introductions at Pocono. (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure)

I was hoping that the things I was seeing about rain in the forecast where true because from 28th to 5th? I will take that any day of the week.  The race never went back green as it started raining during clean up and then was quickly called with the winner being Jeff Gordon (Misty shared her experiences of being a fan of JG after his win in a great article yesterday! Check out Congratulations To ME on Jeff’s 86th Win?).  Tony Stewart currently stands 6th in the championship points standings with his 5th place finish at Pocono.

***Most race fans know by know that after the race at Pocono lightening struck in the parking lot, killing a fan and injuring 9 others.  Pocono Raceway has established a fund for the victims of this tragedy.  You can donate to this fund by going to any PNC Bank branch or mailing a check or money order made out to Pennsylvania 400 Memorial Fund to: Pocono Raceway/Attn: Pennsylvania 400 Memorial Fund, PO Box 500, 1234 Long Pond Road, Long Pond, PA 18334.***

Notes About Pocono:

1. I really LOVED this year’s Back-To-School Office Depot Foundation Paint scheme:

The 2012 Back-To-School Office Depot Foundaton Chevy paint scheme takes to practice at Pocono. (Photo Credit: Jessica Bure)

2. Tony Stewart assisted the Office Depot Foundation with the National BackPack Program again by giving away 3000 packs to children in PA.  Here are a few pictures of the event:

Tony Stewart looks on during a sackpack donation with The Office Depot Foundation in Allentown PA. (Photo Credit: The Office Depot Foundation Flickr Account)

#TonyStewart speaks from the heart about his passion for helping children in Allentown, PA. (Photo Credit: The Office Depot Foundation Flickr Account)

I LOVE this picture- he’s so proud of his new sackpack!

Young recipient proudly sports his new Sack Pack from the Office Depot Foundations National Backpack Program in Allentown, PA (Photo Credit: The Office Depot Foundation Flickr Account)

#TonyStewart shares a moment with @OfficeDepotFndn President Mary Wong @PoconoRaceway. (Photo Credit: The Office Depot Foundation Flickr Account).

Tony Stewart accepts a donation for $1,414.00 on behalf of his foundation from the Office Depot Foundation From Office Depot Foundation President Mary Wong during driver introductions at Pocono Raceway. (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure)

Next Race: Watkins Glen…and we will have a special at-race experience for you from a guest blogger!!

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