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Why Bloggers Scare Tony Stewart

Posted by Misty in General | NASCAR

I do not generally comment on the personal lives of drivers. I think it is distasteful and wildly inappropriate, but lately I can’t help but notice the “fan” posts and comments circulating on social media sites concerning Tony Stewart and the status of his love life.

Apparently there at least some fans who believe he is incapable of managing a relationship and a championship bid. To insinuate such a thing is not only ridiculous, but it is insulting to Tony’s talent. Are these so called fans suggesting that Tony is less able to juggle a personal life and career than let’s say Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, or Kyle Busch (all of whom have managed to have incredible career success, relationships and families)?

The very first interview BadGroove did with Tony Stewart was eye opening to how Tony feels about this kind of private scrutiny. When we were introduced to Tony, he said. “Oh no—I am afraid of bloggers!” He laughed it off, but after the interview he opened up a bit about what he meant when he said that. He explained that he tries to avoid reading anything on the internet about him because it “hurts [his] feelings when they talk about [his] personal life”. He said, “Some of the things they write – they are terrible”. This is probably one of the main reasons he steers clear of social media. He just doesn’t want to open himself up to more of his “fans” unsolicited advice and opinions.

If you are still reading this, I implore you to do as Tony does and avoid those individuals who can’t seem to keep their nose out of his very personal business. Just because he has a career in the spotlight doesn’t mean we are invited into his personal life. Trust his decisions and his talent and leave it at that. Have some respect!

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  • Aaron says:

    It’s a shame a handful of idiots – most of whom don’t know an axle from a tailpipe – ruin things like this for the drivers and, in turn, those of us who are intelligent race fans who give these guys respect in regards to their private – not public, private – lives.

    I agree with you 100%, Misty.

  • Peggy Trummell says:

    I have wandered on to a few of these sites and I have to say these people “fans” are vicious. It seems like they have way too much time on their hands and too much bitterness in their souls.

  • Amy says:

    As I was with Misty and Tony during this interview I initially took his comment about being scared of bloggers as an ice breaker when we were introduced until after the interview was obviously over and he started telling Misty (who I might add said something to the effect of “see we don’t bite- nothing to be scared of” to Tony) about how some of the stuff he had read in the past was extremely hurtful and so now he just steers clear and can you blame him really?

    We are really lucky that drivers like Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski and the like still tweet….because I am sure it gets tiring after awhile seeing all the negative hurtful stuff about them let alone about significant others as well. SMH- leave their personal lives be and be glad you get the access that you get. That is what I say.

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