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Mobil 1 Seat Swap #2: Camaro vs Tank (a plea from me to Mobil 1) & Tony’s Ritzy Video Chat

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So remember the Mobil 1 Seat Swap with Louis Hamilton? I was REALLY excited about that and we were lucky enough to have Kevin go and give us a great report from that swap. Well Mobil 1 decided to let it’s facebook fans decide what Tony should drive next and over the course of the past several weeks we saw it get whittled down between a TANK and a Formula Drift Chevy Camaro.  I voted for the Camaro personally and was surprised to find that it actually won. So today Tony got to drift a Chevy Camaro around Charlotte (the race track not the city). I bet that was FUN!  But then he also got to drive the tank anyway.  How fun. So there have been two Mobil 1 Seat swaps and I haven’t been able to go to either! BOO to that. Anyway I snagged these pictures from the Official Stewart-Haas Twitter account:

Tony Stewart drifting around Charlotte Motor Speedway in a Formula Drift Camaro. (Photo Credit: Stewart-Haas Racing Twitter Account)

Tony Stewart in a Tank at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Stewart-Haas Racing Twitter Account)

I think it looked like a lot of fun- don’t you? There is also a short video of Tony Stewart driving the tank at the end of this article by Jeff Gluck on SBNation.com so check that out too (the article is an interesting read too- it’s mostly about the already infamous helmet toss).


Please excuse this interruption in my post while I make a brief plea to Mobil 1 Powers That Be:

Dear Mobil 1 Powers That Be- Please let the next seat swap Tony does be somewhere where I can attend.  Honestly I would LOVE for it to be at Mazda Raceway (aka Laguna Seca Raceway) ( I think Tony would too- he told us that it’s a bucket list track for him) because it’s pretty much in my backyard. I honestly don’t even care what he’s driving. Hell, he could be skipping around the track for all I care. Heck, I will volunteer my car- He can drive my Chevy HHR around it (but be gentle Tony- I only have one car and it has to last me for a while).  If Laguna is out of the question I am willing to travel anywhere in California, Nevada, AZ, or even southern UT!- Thanks AMY & MISTY of BadGroove.com


This afternoon Tony Stewart also participated in lengthy live video chat on the Ritz facebook page.  I have to admit I was impressed- the video chat was really kind of cool.   I nearly forgot about the chat and signed on at just when it should be happening but luckily for me Tony was a couple minutes late- the screen said he was stuck in traffic. Seriously- I took a screen shot if you don’t believe me:

You can see the ticker at the bottom of the screen says "Tony is stuck in traffic." I took the screen shot because it humored me. I don't know WHY it humored me- but it did. (Screen Capture taken by me).

He ended up being only a couple minutes late actually.  I was amazed because other video chats I have seen Tony do usually last a 15-20 minutes and the questions are asked days in advance and there is a moderator there asking him the questions. This one was Tony, kicked back in a chair with some Ritz crackers and a coke, taking questions off a computer (and yes they were live- I didn’t submit any but I could watch them being submitted- anyone in the chat could) and answering them- FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR!!!
This one lasted a full hour…and well let’s just say he was very open with his answers.  (He’s a boxer-brief man if you are wondering and is skeeved out by other men asking him why he doesn’t shave more).  I would give you more of a blow by blow of the questions BUT HE WAS ON FOR AN HOUR!!! and I would still be transcribing that mess.  Plus according to the Ritz Facebook page they will be posting a replay of the chat for those who missed it (I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T) so stay tuned to their facebook page for information on that.  It was awesome of Tony to spend that much time answering fan questions! I hope they do it again!

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