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2012: Wrapping It All Up

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

So- I hope that everyone had a great ending to 2012. I was toying with the ea of doing one more Champions Week 2012 post but thought I would just envelop it into a general 2012 wrap up post so we can move on to 2013!

Wrapping up Champions Week:

So here are all my 2012 Champions Week Posts in one list:

  1. 2012 Champions Week: Fan Fest (with pictures)
  2. 2012 Champions Week: The 2013 Chevy Cup Car Revealed (Finally! With Pictures!)
  3. 2012 Champions Week: The Victory Lap (with Pictures)!
  4. 2012 Champions Week: NASCAR After The Lap (with VIDEO of Tony Stewart doing pushups!)

I didn’t attend the 2012 Stewies again THIS year.  Last year we couldn’t get into the Stewies because it was in a bar and someone in our party was under 21.  This year- we didn’t have anyone underage in our party- so as soon as NASCAR After The Lap was over- we headed (quite quickly) to the Cabo Wabo Cantina where The Stewies were being held.  By the time we got there? The Cantina was PACKED and they weren’t allowing anyone inside until someone left.  Arg! I really REALLY wanted to go to the Stewies this year but we were too late.  So after considering that we have had a seating fiasco at NASCAR After The Lap two years in a row- I am beginning to think that maybe – just maybe we should ditch going to After The Lap (even though it’s fun) and head directly to the Stewies next year.  We will see. Of course this could ALL BE AVERTED if they would just hold the dang Stewies at the same venue as NASCAR After The Lap- and those who want to leave can leave and those who want to stay for the Stewies can stay.  I think the issue is that NASCAR doesn’t want to give off the appearance that they are affiliated with the Stewies. If you want to know who won what Stewie you can check out the list (they also have some pictures from the event) at the Sirius XM NASCAR Radio 6th Annual Stewies page!

Wrapping up the 2012 in general:

Overall for 2012 and BadGroove.com we have had LOTS of great posts- here are some of my favorites in no particular order really:

  1. Misty Messed Her unMentionables Moment: Bud Shootout
  2. The BG Tony Stewart Interview-The Video
  3. Race 3: Viva Las “#Winning” Vegas (Or How I Missed Tony’s BurnOut AGAIN)
  4. A NASCAR Girl Goes To An American Le Mans Series Race
  5. NASCAR Fandom- It’s A Sickness
  6. Misty’s Bucket List Interview: Jeff Gordon Talks To BadGroove
  7. Race 17: Sonoma Race Diary
  8. On Sportsmanship, Role Models, And Being Human (Tony’s Helmet Toss)
  9. There Is Just Something About…The Tony Stewart Edition Chevy Camaro.
  10. 2012 Champions Week: 2013 Chevy Cup Car Revealed (Finally)!

Do you have any favorites I missed? Tell me about them in the comments.

Stay tuned for preseason postings!

And here is a picture for you that I DIDN’T take from the NASCAR Champions Week In Vegas just because I like to put a picture in every post AND I like the little Chevy Bowtie lapel pin Tony has on here- I think everyone had one who participated in the Chevy SS Cup Car reveal…don’t think I don’t wish I had one:

Driver Tony Stewart speaks to the media after the NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers Awards Luncheon at Encore Las Vegas on November 29, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo Credit: Jeff Bottari/Getty Images North America)

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