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Getting Ready To Start My Engines!

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Am I the only one starting to get antsy for the beginning of the NASCAR season? I can’t be the only one who hears a revving engine and is like…MAN when does NASCAR start- NOT SOON ENOUGH that is when! But our “long off season” – which isn’t actually so long in the grand scheme of other sports – is coming to an end sooner than you can shake a broken transmission at (PSA: do NOT attempt to shake a broken transmission- those things look quite heavy).

The Sprint Unlimited is just a little more than week away (Feb 16th) – this race takes the place of what use to be called The Bud Shootout and then just The Shootout.  Then the Bud Duels (formally the Gatorade Duels) are Thursday Feb 21st (URG I have to work and they are in the middle of the dang day! WHY NASCAR WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME SO?). Then of course, the DAYTONA 500 is on the 24th. So it’s all happening and soon!  I CAN’T WAIT!  Sorry for the excessive caplock usage- but when I get excited I have no other way to let you know that to YELL it in my post.

Can you say (or tweet) #GoTonyGo?

Here is Tony during the SHR portion of the Sprint Media Tour in January:

Tony Stewart of Stewart Haas Racing speaks at a press conference on January 21, 2013 in Concord, North Carolina.
(January 20, 2013 – Source: Jamey Price/Getty Images North America)

And here is my favorite question/answer from the transcript:

Q. Tony, my question to you is you’re known as one of the finest drivers of our generation, and I ask you the question that I ask many of the most elite athletes of our time.  What did your mom say to you to inspire and ignite you to be who you are today?

Tony Stewart: My mom actually and I had a huge fight because she wanted me to go to college.  Now she works for me. (Laughter.) That is the truth, too.

I was really fortunate in the fact that not only my mother but my father and my sister all really gave up a lot so that our whole family could follow my passion of racing.  I don’t encourage this with a lot of mothers, but I know my mother hated a lot of Fridays when we were running national go-kart races and I would be in a different state and she was calling the school and having to lie every Friday and say that I was sick, knowing very well that the teachers had already given me my homework and I had it on the road with me.

But she was very dedicated and still is very dedicated to what we do, and she loves watching us race.  She’s probably the one that’s the most nervous every weekend watching at the same time.  She knows how passionate we are for it, and she’s seen some of the best and worst times of it with crashes and everything else, and she’s always been there 100 percent.

Anyway, I have been spending my time surfing around the internet looking for signs that NASCAR was coming back soon.  First there was the new NASCAR.COM- have you seen it? Check it out- it’s all new. It took me some getting use to the layout of the landing page. I am still not sure I am a fan of that. But I AM a fan of the personalized content (you just log into your account and set it up and it pushes the news you want: Drivers you love, the series you follow, your favorite tracks- etc).  That is actually kind of cool.

Then last week I found this cool placeholder page at BassProShops.com/NASCAR that has Tony Stewart proudly standing there decked out in his BassProShop fire suit. The site promises that full 2013 driver and schedule information is coming soon.  I don’t know what that means…unfortunately I don’t have a contact at Bass Pro Shops or PR that I can ask…I can only hope that the Bass Pro Shops (they appear to dub themselves Sportsman Racing) site is as fan friendly as the Office Depot Racing one was and offer lots of opportunities for fans to interact both online and having scheduled driver appearances at Bass Pro Shops (we can dream right?) coming to a track near you soon.  I wish Mobil 1 had a Tony/NASCAR site- but I haven’t been able to find one. Misty did promise to stand on the corner outside of a Mobil 1 gas station if she had to- for a driver appearance. That CRACKS me up.

Then just yesterday I was actually trying to check something on TonyStewart.com and POOF the page (which I had been at the night before) had a total new look.  I think it looks much more modern with this layout- I haven’t been tinkering much with the site- but it’s all spiffed up and new so be sure you check that out too.

And today- the Stewart-Haas twitter account (@StewartHaasRcng) – (what? you aren’t following it? You should be- they are funny) announced that the new “season” of the SHR VIP Garage starts on 2/24 but you can sign up now and during the season you can enter contests and interact with other SHR fans over at the SHR VIP Garage.

I also found this Flickr Photo Album of Tony Stewart Night at the Rochester Knighthawks game- attended by… (big surprise) Tony Stewart himself complete with jersey!

So…are you pumped yet?


Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture from Pre-Season Thunder:

(PS if anyone has an extra new Mobil 1 Hero card like Tony is signing here – a non-autographed one that is-  that you are willing to part with – comment or email me).

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Chevrolet signs autographs for fans during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Preseason Thunder at Daytona International Speedway on January 10, 2013 in Daytona Beach, Florida.
(January 9, 2013 – Source: Chris Trotman/Getty Images North America)

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