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Race 1: Daytona 500

Posted by Amy in General

I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to title this post “Tony Stewart-Finally A Daytona 500 Winner” but instead I had to refrain from using “Welcome To Daytona- This Bitch Bites.” This was not the way any fan wants to see their driver start the season.  Tony went from being the favorite in Las Vegas to win the race to finishing the race 82 laps down in 41st place after sustaining considerable damage on lap 33.  Needless to say this Smoke fan threw a bit of a hissy fit- stringing along words that are not fit for mixed company.  Some of the tamer things I said during my little fit: “$#!& our day is already over. @#*&%^@*@$ may as well not even bother to watch the rest of the race.” Yeah I was not a happy camper. I had my iPhone headset in because I was using it to listen to Tony’s scanner on the NASCAR13 Sprint Mobile ap and I can’t even tell you what he said on the radio after the wreck if anything because I ripped my headphones out of my ears and tossed my phone (harder than I meant) onto the table.  All I can say is THANK YOU OTTERBOX (my phone has never NOT been in an otterbox- I bought one at the same time I bought my iPhone and put it directly in).

And for those wondering- yes I did watch the whole race- despite declaring during my hissy fit I shouldn’t. I have to say though it is not as fun to watch a race when your driver isn’t in the running.  I am not a fan of the racing at the super speedways.  The single file racing is NOT fun to watch and I have trouble imagining it’s exciting to drive from the driver’s standpoint.  I don’t know that it’s any better than the tandem racing to be honest.  And the wrecking on these tracks? The wrecking takes out half the field. It’s frustrating and I don’t know what can be done to fix that.

As of this writing Tony Stewart is unofficially scored 41st and I am assuming is 41st in the points as well. Race winner was Jimmie Johnson.

Notes on Daytona:

1. I still think there is far too much pre-race hype on the TV coverage of the 500. I just want to turn on the TV and have minimum hoopla and for the race to start. Let’s get the show on the road.  Driver intros to overly dramatic music was probably nice in person but on TV it just didn’t fly well.  Just put the drivers in the cars and let’s go.

2. Tony and his spotter Bob were joking around on the warm up laps making sure they could hear earch other on the radio. One called the other pumpkin and the other replied with sweetheart! It was humorous- I like hearing their banter.  Tony got serious soon during his pre-race pep talk on the radio letting the team know that the “pre-race circus was over” and they would just stick to the plan and plug away at it- it was a long race and they would get to the front.

3. I don’t know why but James Franco’s command to start engines bothered me.  “Drivers and Danica start your engines?” Really?

4. I KNEW Matt Kenseth was smoking and that was NOT speedy dry!  They should have listened to me.

5. Remember race fans- because Ryan Newman finished in the top five you can go to the OUTBACK Steakhouse tomorrow and get a free Bloomin’ Onion!  YEY!  Also thanks to Quicken Loans- a top five finish gives 5 fans their mortgage payment paid for the month. Find out how you can enter to be one of those fans at QLRacing.com!

6.Tony Stewart DID win the Nationwide race on Saturday, while as he said, watching the most horrible thing he has ever seen in his rearview mirror in all the years he’s been racing.  His post-race was without celebration as he was rightfully worried about the 28 fans injured by debris flying over and through the catch fence from a distegrating car driven by Kyle Larsen. Despite his rotten luck at getting a Daytona 500 win- it was his 19th win at Daytona speedway and his record tying 8th win in the Nationwide season opening race (tying Dale Earnhardt).

I want to leave you with my favorite visual from the Daytona 500, courtesy of the Stewart-Haas Racing Twitter account:


Photo courtesy of Stewart-Haas Official Twitter account.

Yes that’s Tony helping repair his injured car to get it back on the track and try to get as many points as possible.  As much as I hated seeing the team in that position I LOVED seeing Tony right in there working on the car (even if he wasn’t wearing safty glasses as Misty  pointed out to me via text).  Tony was quoted earlier in the weekend that saying the plane ride home from a winless Daytona 500 is like being “mulekicked.” This one has be like being kicked by the whole team of mules having their day and what Tony described as a strong car destroyed so early on in the race.  After being checked out at the infield care center, Tony said that if he told us he wasn’t “heartbroken” he’d be lying. Well I am pretty sure that all Smoke’s fans were heartbroken as well, but seeing Tony work on that car made this Smoke fan proud! NEVER GIVE UP.

That said- #ImStillWithSmoke! #GoTonyGo and let’s kick keister in Phoenix!

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