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Race 6: Martinsville

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There is just something that I have always loved about watching races at Martinsville. I think it’s the close quarters, the rubbing, the inevitable tempers that eventually flair- it makes for a usually exciting race to watch on TV. Unless, of course, your driver doesn’t have so good of a day. Sigh.  I still enjoyed watching the race on Sunday- don’t get me wrong. According to Tony’s radio on the NASCAR 13 sprint mobile ap it sounded like he was having handling issues.  They missed the first pit stop accidentally (it was a caution and it sounded on the radio like Tony didn’t hear Steve call him in) and didn’t make one- so then when Tony did make it to the pits during the next round of pit stops the team noticed his tire wear on one of his tires was bad.  Tony said something to the effect that this would pretty much mean they would have to change their strategy.

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Rush Truck Centers/Mobil 1 Chevrolet, is interviewed after practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series STP Gas Booster 500 on April 5, 2013 at Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia.
(Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America)

Still there were parts when I was encouraged as the team would do something (two tire pit stops usually) or there would be a caution and through attrition and Tony would move up the field a bit and I would be excited. I was really excited when towards the end he ended up right around 9th, 10th, 11th. Then there was the restart during one of the later cautions and he kept falling backwards further and further. The official team report quoted Tony as saying he got “treed on the outside” and I guess he just couldn’t make the car work there. I did hear Tony say something during one of the restarts that it took too long for the field to string out so he could do something with the car.

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Rush Truck Centers/Mobil 1 Chevrolet, looks on during pre-race ceremonies for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series STP Gas Booster 500 on April 7, 2013 at Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia.
(Photo Credit: Jamey Price/Getty Images North America)

At least he finished better than he started. Tony qualified 26th- partially due to the fact that he drew lucky first out for qualifying. Tony finished the race at Martinsville 17th and still remains stymied at 22nd in points much to my chagrin. Tony is 96 points behind current points leader Jimmie Johnson.

Notes About Martinsville-

1. I didn’t watch ANY of the pre-race show except for invocation and the national anthem. Why? Well I am going to be honest here- because I am sick hearing people rag on Tony for his dealings with Joey Logano after the race in Fontana.  After hearing him get ragged on for over an hour on the Bash Tony Stewart Radio Show, er SiriusXM Nascar radio I wasn’t sure I could take hearing him bashed on Race Day or the pre-race show so I skipped them.  I tell you I haven’t turned on SiriusXM’s NASCAR station since my drive home from Fontana on Monday. I was sure that the pre-race would just end up pissing me off  in the same manner that the radio did (but then again- maybe I am just not a talk radio girl).

2. Ok so I understand that some Jr fans are upset because Jimmie didn’t let Jr back onto the track in front of him after his spin, thus putting him a lap down.  I can understand your frustration Jr fans…trust me I do.  But I don’t see how Jimmie could have stopped on the track and not been penalized 3 laps like Ryan Newman was.  Granted I suppose maybe it’s because Ryan caused the caution by stopping on the track- but Jimmie still had to stay in motion. It’s one thing to cut your teammate some slack on the track during the race- but it’s another thing to ruin your own day to benefit someone else. Just something to think about.

3. Did you see the new Coca-Cola Racing Family commercial that was created after Fontana? It’s kind of humorous (updated to the longer version of the video- props to Ryan Newman for freestyling on She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain…”:

I still think it would have been funnier if they had refilmed it to leave Joey at the side of the curb. Just saying. That’s the Tony Stewart fan in me. Sorry.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart picture:

This picture I found in the  2013 STP Gas Booster 500 gallery on the TonyStewart.com and I had to share it with you because I LOVE IT…I don’t know if it’s because it’s a profile shot or because of the semi reflection in the toolbox or what- but if you are the photographer who took this picture- contact me- I want to buy a print! Seriously- to hang in my office. Because I love it that much:

Tony Stewart in the garages at Martinsville (Photo found on TonyStewart.com Martinsville/ 2013 STP Gas Booster 500 photo album- click picture to be taken to the media gallery)

Next weekend we are racing at Texas! Whoo! GO TONY GO!

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