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Smokin’ Birthday Charity Drive and Raffle

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Celebrate Tony Stewart’s birthday by joining our Smokin Birthday Charity Drive and Raffle in support of the Tony Stewart Foundation.

(Graphic by Kevin M. Boots)

“What do you get one of the best drivers in the world for his birthday? Well probably nothing since you don’t know him. You can try to leave something at his door step, but that can be considered stalking and is creepy.  So what then? Do like I have the last few years, donate what you can to his charity.”- Kevin M Boots

What is it?

We are asking for Tony Stewart fans everywhere to help celebrate their driver’s birthday by donating what they can directly to the Tony Stewart Foundation between April 20th and May 20th in celebration of Tony’s birthday. By donating to the Tony Stewart Foundation you are helping Tony in his mission give a helping hand “to a child enduring a serious or life-threatening illness, an abused or homeless animal, an injured race driver and his family.” (for more information on the foundation and it’s mission visit The Tony Stewart Foundation website).  When donate you can even specify which area you want your money to help with (Children’s Health, Animal Welfare, Injured drivers or you can choose where it’s needed most).

In the comments section make sure to mention the BadGroove Smokin’ Birthday Charity Drive.

Then what?

As an incentive to donate during the birthday drive we have come up with a raffle of sorts.

To enter the raffle you just need to forward a copy of your TS Foundation receipt to badgruv@netzero.com.

For every $5 you donate you will be given a numbered raffle ticket emailed back to you….or get 3 raffle tickets for a $14.00 donation.  If you donate $42.00 (Tony’s age) you will get 10 raffle tickets and an 8×10 photo of  taken by either Amy or Kevin- our choice.

On May 21st, 2013 we will pull numbers for our raffle prizes. The raffle prizes are:

Prize 1: $50 Gift Certificate to the TonyStewartStore.com (Provided by Amy Marbach of BadGroove.com)

Prize 2: A #20 1:24 Tony Stewart Die Cast (Provided by Kevin M Boots)

Prize 3: An 8×10 of Tony’s 2010 win at Watkin’s Glen (Photo by and Provided by Kevin M Boots)

Prize 4: 1:64 #14 Tony Stewart Diecast (provided by Amy Marbach of BadGroove.com)

Prize 5: A #39 Ryan Newman Cold Cup (Provided by Amy Marbach of BadGroove.com)

You can take part in the charity drive without being part of the raffle- but you can not take part in the raffle without being part of the Charity drive.  


About the charity drive:

Kevin M Boots, longtime BadGroove.com supporter and occasional guest poster emailed me with an idea for a way for fans to show support for Tony, celebrate his birthday and support his foundation at the same time. I loved his idea because during our very first interview with Tony, we asked him a question about his foundation and his body language completely changed and his face lit up as he gave his answer. It was completely obvious to me that his foundation and it’s initiatives are very close to his heart. Kevin knew that both he and I tend to donate to the foundation on Tony’s birthday and thought it would be a great idea to encourage other fans to do the same so over the course of several emails and texts the Smokin’ Birthday Charity Drive was born!

The Fine Print (Because there is always something right?):

Please note that this is a fan run drive hosted by BadGroove.com. We can not and will not collect any money ourselves. All donations must be made direction to the Tony Stewart Foundation.  All prizes for the raffle have been donated by the individuals as noted in the prize list.  This drive is not endorsed or affiliated with Tony Stewart, Stewart-Haas Racing or The Tony Stewart Foundation. It’s just a good idea to bring the fans together to support their driver and the causes close to his heart.

You MUST provide us with an electronically forwarded copy of your donation receipt from the Tony Stewart Foundation that specifies the amount of the donation (forwarded to badgruv@netzero.com) to receive raffle tickets. This receipt will be used solely for the purpose of determining raffle ticket generation and nothing more.

If one of your ticket numbers is drawn as a winner for a prize you must then provide us with a mailing address to receive the prize.  You can win only one prize.  If you win a prize and then a raffle ticket belonging to you is pulled for a subsequent prize – the draw for the second prize will be disqualified and an alternate number will be drawn.  There are no prize substitutions and you get the first prize you are drawn for.

That’s it- have fun and help spread the word to your fellow Smoke fans!

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  • Kevinmboots77 says:

    You know that question about Chairties won me a huge Offcie Depot standie. You had a contest for question to ask Tony and that was mine.

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