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Tony Stewart Helps Me Surprise A Friend

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

A while back I was on TonyStewart.com website looking for Tony’s position in the Sprint Cup points standings. I tend to use his site instead of NASCAR.COM because it is just easier for me to find the information I am looking for not to mention it is the home for all things Tony Stewart related so I can check to make sure that I didn’t miss some important news item.

Anyway- several weeks ago I saw an ad on his site for CelebCall- because he is now one of the listed celebrities.  CelebCall is a service where for a nominal fee you can fill out a MadLibs-esque script using pull down menus and have one of their celebrities call someone you know. It’s a recording and there are samples on the website of what it sounds like (but you do not get to hear your particular choices in the sample- for obvious reasons I suppose).  According to the website, the phone call looks like it is coming from your own phone number (the buyer’s phone number) – probably to increase the chances of a successful pick up should the recipient of the call be screening calls.  I admit I was intrigued.  But then I got the information I was looking for and promptly forgot about it.  Until last week when I was again checking Tony’s points in the standings (yeah I do that too much I agree but I can’t help myself- I have to know where my team stands- pun intended) when the CelebCall ad caught my eye again.

This time I decided that Misty could use a little interruption in her work day and since I was fairly certain that she would be able to recognize Tony’s voice I thought I would give it a whirl. I filled out my script- and while indeed Misty was in the list of names (it’s a hugely extensive list let me tell you) – I actually selected from the “If You Can’t Find Their Name” list because one of the greetings there was Hey Beautiful and what girl doesn’t like being called beautiful (and being called beautiful by Tony Stewart is a definite win). Anyway I pressed purchase and waited (you can have it call them on a specific date but I just had them do it now).

Well I don’t think it was ten minutes later and Misty was calling me. Her reaction was priceless and the desired effect was definitely had.  Per our phone conversation she told me she didn’t know what was happening. She said she was pretty sure that when she picked up her phone it said it was me calling but then there was this really familiar sounding guy who was obviously familiar with her because he was calling her beautiful (HA TOLD YOU THAT WOULD BE AWESOME) and then she realizes it’s Tony Stewart calling her.  She said it caught her completely off guard (hard for me to do with Misty because if I get her a surprise I usually end up telling her I got her a surprise so she never really gets the full SURPRISE factor and then I even usually tell her what the surprise is- I am so bad about that just ask her). She even said that at first it was hard for her to tell it was even a recording and she didn’t know WHAT the heck was going on and why Tony Stewart was calling her from my phone.  It was the perfect thing to create a little levity in the middle of a work day.

There are tons of other celebrities available for your call making pleasure including: Charlie Sheen (I know- TIGER BLOOD), Mike Tyson, Ice-T, James Stewart (the motocross star not the dead movie star), Tony Schumacher (NHRA Top Fuel drag racer), Pete Rose and there are even two other NASCAR drivers: Bill Elliott and Michael Waltrip.  You should check out the list for your self because I can’t list them all out here- I am sure you can find SOMEONE to call your friend, relative, whomever!

For “full disclosure” purposes that us bloggers are held to these days: I did not receive any compensation or reimbursement for this post, nor was I asked by a marketing firm to post this post and I paid for the call to Misty myself. It was the best $5.00 I spent all week.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture because I haven’t been posting enough of them according to one of my readers and I do like to make my readers  happy…ENJOY:

Tony Stewart During The Parade Lap at Darlington

Tony Stewart during the parade lap at Darlingon (picture for the Tony Stewart Official Store facebook page- click picture to be taken to the original).


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  • Sandra Calvert says:

    My best friend, Joyce Crowden, your greatest friend says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I don’t even get to talk to her when you are racing. Happy, happy, happy birthday.

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