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Race 12: The All Star Race

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Tony Stewart’s pit crew preforms their All-Star Race qualifying pitstop. Found on The Official Tony Stewart Facebook page- click to go to original)

Qualified: 13th

Finished: 14th

Race Winner: Jimmie Johnson

Points After All Star Race: Have not chanced since the All Star Race is a non-points big money race. Tony is still 21st, 170 points behind current series leader Jimmie Johnson. 62 points behind 10th in the standings – still outside of the top 20 and not eligible for a wild card birth.

My Mood After The All Star Race: Disappointed for Team 14/Bored by the race

There isn’t anything I can say about the race that hasn’t been said by others really about this stretch of not bad luck…but I guess we will just call it difficulty that Tony Stewart and Team 14 seems to be having.  Judging by this article the scanner transmissions show that everyone (driver and crew chief anyway) is just as frustrated as us fans. I noticed in the transcript from Team 14, Tony calls crew chief Addington by his first name Steve.  I have noticed that he really only does that when he is not pleased…otherwise he tends to just call him Bud.  Now I didn’t have access to scanner during the All Star Race for some reason (Damn you NASCAR MOBIL 2013 for not working)…so I am going on the article and previous listening experience completely and not Tony’s actual tone.   I really don’t have much more to write that I haven’t already written but if you are interested here is another article  about how the team does NOT have any plans to change crew chiefs because they are struggling.

All-Star Race winner was Jimmie Johnson.

There is something I just love about this picture.– Amy Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Bass Pro Shops/NWTF Chevrolet, drives through the garage area during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 17, 2013 in Concord, North Carolina.
(Photo Credit: Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images North America)

As I mentioned- I found the All-Star Race rather boring and I know I am not the only one who did. I honestly really didn’t even pay too much attention to the show down race- especially when it was clear that my show down driver was NOT going to make it into the show and I was pretty damn sure that even though I voted for him that he wouldn’t win the fan vote.  (BTW if you are interested that driver was Martin Truex Jr…he’s been hot this season and I figured he deserved a chance at the big money). I think it’s the format lately that just takes the gusto out of the race.  I have some ideas for things that could make the race better:

  1. Don’t make being a driver in the race so damn complicated.  Make it simple: To qualify for entry into the All Star Race you must have won a race between the last All-Star Race and the current one- including the winner of the last All-Star Race. None of this racing your way into the All-Star Race, none of this fan vote stuff (don’t worry I have ideas for fan involvement- I will get to that later).
  2. Bring back the Pit Crew Challenge- but make it part of qualifying for starting position in the race. Kind like they did this year with the full pit stop.  But none of this crazy stuff about no pit road speed limits business UNLESS you plan to remove pit road speed requirements for the race-which I don’t know that I agree with…my thought is to highlight the important piece of the puzzle that the crew members are- not make their jobs more dangerous than they already are. You could even have the pit crews do multiple pit stops in a bracket format like the Pit Crew Challenge that I miss so much.
  3. Change venues and make it a short track race…(Bristol, Martinsville, maybe even Phoenix). Or better yet, make it a track they usually do NOT run cup cars on (Road America? Iowa? Rockingham? I even saw one of my FaceBook friends suggest Eldora- which I would be all for).
  4. Reduce the number of segments to three and increase the laps in the first two segments (75, 50 and 15-20). Any more segments than that and people start to lose interest. “It’s yellow again? Why??? Oh another damn segment break.”
  5. To add fan involvement have them pick the track (see 3). Have them vote on whether they think cars one or more laps down should be eliminated. Have them vote on a field inverse for the middle segment. See you can still include fan votes- just quit making it a popularity contest.
  6. Leave the (newly changed) format alone for awhile. Fans get tired of trying to keep up with the new rules EVERY SINGLE SEASON.

Tony Stewart and Steve Addington speak before the All-Star Race. Photo from The Official Tony Stewart Facebook Page- click photo to be taken to original.

Notes About The All Star Race:

  1. Was I the only one who noticed that poor Tony was trying to hand off his Coke bottle to one of the fans lining the walk way from driver introductions only to have his effort thwarted at least twice by fans who didn’t seem to want it or didn’t understand what was happening?  I would have gratefully grabbed the bottle and said THANKS TONY! even if he wasn’t my favorite driver. But I am biased.
  2. The Skirts and Scuffs Facebook page has some great pictures by their resident photographer Charlotte Bray from All-Star Weekend at Charlotte- be sure to check out the race album here and the Friday album here. I am especially fond of the Tony Stewart pit stop here and this picture of Tony from Friday. They have tons of pictures of ALL the drivers/cars- so check them out!
  3. Happy Birthday to Tony Stewart!

Next race is the longest race on the NASCAR ticket: The Coca-Cola 600.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

From the Stewart-Haas Instagram feed- love this picture:

Photo is from the SHR Instagram Feed on the Official Tony Stewart Facebook Page- click picture to be take to original).

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