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238,199.8* Miles- but who’s really counting?!

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It’s funny to me how sometimes I start a post planning on it going in one direction and then something happens and it ends up going in a totally different direction to me. That happened with this post. AMY

It all started with a fun fact.  Yesterday (today is 6-12-13) I was checking my calendar that I have in my office at the day job when I noticed this little tidbit at the bottom- which is kind of funny since the tidbit is about June 11th and it just happened to be June 11th:

June 11th, 2006, Tony received his 100th career top-five by placing third in the Pocono 500.

Per my Tony Stewart Calendar “June 11th, 2006, Tony received his 100th career top-five by placing third in the Pocono 500.” (photo credit: Amy Marbach via Instagram)

I posted the picture above on my instagram (click the picture to see it on Instagram.com) with the following caption: A #TonyStewart fun fact of the day… I wonder how many Top Five Finishes he has now… Anyone know?

Then I just happened to be messing around a couple hours later on the internet and I found out that the magic number is 176 (basically I found a list of his top 5s per season and totaled it). Now, I am not the best at math- especially when it comes to doing math on my feet (you know like figuring out things like sales tax, tips, etc)..but I can work a mean calculator. I was wondering if my stat was right.  Then someone pointed out a website to me (Thanks Katy of Skirts and Scuffs) that has awesome race statistics for EVERY driver you can probably think of. So much of last night I spent lost on the website playing with stats for different drivers.

I am sure you know where I am going with this- I started to compare Tony to other drivers. I started with Jeff Gordon but I figure the statistics with Jeff Gordon aren’t really that fair because Jeff has been driving NASCAR a lot longer than Tony who came to NASCAR via open wheel. So then I saw that Jimmie has 13 years under his belt and Tony has 15. That’s pretty close. And Jimmie as we all know is a five time Champion and I am positive that he is someone years from now that other drivers will be held up against and compared to the way they hold our current active drivers up against the likes of Richard Petty. So I thought I would share these stats with you:

In Jimmie Johnson’s 13 year career he has 413 races under his belt of which 173 are top fives. He has an average finish of 11.6.

For comparison Tony Stewart’s 15 year career he has 514 races under his belt, 176 top fives and an average finish of 12.8

Now these are just CUP series stats.

Then I noticed? That they go into several different series…and that there was a total number of miles driven for EACH series. I whipped out my calculator because this was something I had actually wondered a time or two…how many miles has Tony Stewart driven in his career.  Because if you are a fan of Tony Stewart’s you know that the boy likes to race. Now unfortunately the site does not have stats on any dirt series, kart series and the like. If I could figure that out I would have been so excited. This number does however include the following series: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Truck Series, CASCAR Super (not sure what that is), Whelen, Arca, IZOD (Indy car), IROC, and Grand-Am Rolex. Anyway the answer to the question is: 238,199.8 miles and counting.

*These miles only include race milage- they do not include practices, qualifying, his own passenger car hither and yons, and like I mentioned none of his dirt series, karting series etc. I don’t know WHY the number of miles raced by Tony Stewart fascinates me – but it has for a long time and I always figured that there was a way to figure it out but I was honestly not willing to do the math.

Now if only someone had the rest of his mileage (in the other series like USAC, WoO, etc) I would be one happy camper because to me this number is not complete.

By the way if you are curious Jimmie Johnson’s total mileage is 197,069.4 (that is Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Truck Series, IROC, and Grand-Am).

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture- because this is my site and I say this entry needs a Tony Stewart picture:

Tony Stewart Confers With crew members Steve Addington and Aaron Kuehn (Photo via Tony Stewart Official Store FB Page)

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