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Guest Post: Party In The Poconos 400

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As promised- here is Kevin M. Boot’s guest post about his experiences at the Party In The Poconos 400. Sounds like Kevin had a great time and I thank him for his post and the GREAT pictures that he shared with us! Be sure to check out the link to his complete photo album from the Party In The Poconos 400- there are many more GREAT shots from the race!– Amy

I heard about the $25 dollar race tickets on the “Fan Driven Pocono 400″ Facebook page. It played in the back of my mind, enticing me with a cheap race day. I got my ticket. Walmart sponsoring the race made it interesting since they let the fans vote on everything from the race name to the color of the Camaro pace car. They even had the fans vote on a new “signature food item” for the race track.

The Party In The Ponocos Pace Car

The Party In The Ponocos Pace Car takes to the track. (Photo Credit: Kevin M. Boots)

I left home before 7AM to try and make the tweet-up on time, I almost missed it. I got Brandon Igdalsky (track president&CEO) to autograph my ticket which I think is cool. After the tweet-up I walked the midway, bought two #14 hats and checked out the Chevy display. Kasey Kahne was there answering question. When he was done, the Chevy people reminded every one to check out their full line up of cars including the 2014 Corvette Sting Ray! WHAT DID YOU SAY! Hell ya, I spent the next 15 minutes drooling, snap pictures and in awe of one of the most beautiful things I have seen in person. After that I went back to my car to get race ready.

The 2014 Corvette Stingray at the Team Chevy display at the Party In The Poconos 400 (Photo Credit: Kevin M. Boots).

With my cooler in hand I headed into the track, walked thought the ticket line and started to look for the fan voted on the “signature food item,” Loaded Baked Potato Pierogis. They were so very good. Time to find my seat.

Loaded Baked Potato Pierogi

The fan-voted concession Loaded Baked Potato Pierogi (Photo Credit: Kevin M. Boots).

The $25 dollar tickets seemed to work good from where I was seating. No where did I see more one or two empty seats and that was few and far between. If I looked behind me I would see more since the $25 tickets and the regular price seats where separated from each other by a walk way. They pre-race was great since the track honored the Armed Forces. HUMVEEs carried the drivers around after driver introduction and then they carried troops around the front stretch holding all the state flags. It was great and they got a standing ovation. We even had sort of a fly by, by a F-22 Raptor no less. The Air Force had a little car mock up of one they drove down the front stretch which every one seems to love.

The race got under way and Kasey Kahne went right to his pits. I am going to tell you right now that was a good thing for Johnson because as soon as he got back out he was the fastest car on the track. Race was pretty green for the most part, until the last 30 laps when a yellow came out which caused a plague of Yellows. This would have been good if Johnson had not been in a different zip code as every one else. Johnson crossed the finish line first and proceeded to do an incredible burn out. I was overjoyed because Stewart and Newman both finished in the top 5. That was just an awesome thing for the team.

Race winner Jimmie Johnson is doing his Party In The Poconos burnout (Photo Credit: Kevin M. Boots).

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