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Revisiting Amy’s #NASCAR Bucket List

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A little over a year ago I posted a #NASCAR Bucket list of sorts- prompted to do so after reviewing the book 100 Things NASCAR Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die because based on the title I thought the book would be a jumping off point for creating such a list (I found out it wasn’t- if you want to know why you can go back and read my review). For some reason unbeknownst to me, I have been ruminating on that original bucket list lately.  I decided that it needed to be revised a bit.  So here is my NEW #NASCAR Bucket List:

  1. Interview Tony Stewart for this website. completed multiple times (interview One, Two, Three) thanks to sponsor at the time Office Depot.  It was great because it wasn’t at the track and he wasn’t anything but kind and interested in answering our questions (which is a good thing because if he had been grumpy or surly that first time I might have cried- I was already nervous enough).  During one of them Tony even complimented our questions (I think it was the second time). I would still like to do more interviews with Tony- just not at a track!
  2. Attend a dirt race to watch Tony Stewart race on dirt -I really don’t care the where of this so much anymore (originally this was attend Prelude to the Dream)- I just want it to happen…it ALMOST happened in March as Tony raced dirt not three hours from my house (in Stockton, CA)- but it was the weekend of the Fontana race and I was down in Fontana – urg just my luck).
  3. Attend a race at Martinsville.
  4. Attend a race at Charlotte.
  5. Attend a race at Bristol.
  6. Attend the Brickyard 400 -Ok so the list of tracks I would love to watch could go on and on so I am going to limit it to three four.
  7. Tour race shops in Charlotte Specifically SHR and HMS but any others as well.
  8. Interview Jeff Gordon for this website. Completed- see interview here.
  9. Tour a hauler at the track (and no I am not talking a merchandise hauler). The haulers always have fascinated me and I would like to be inside one…just to peek. Kinda completed- it wasn’t really an official tour or anything- but I did get to walk through one and sit in the back office with Misty during the Jeff Gordon Interview.
  10. Watch practice from on top of the a race hauler like they do at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This will probably never happen because even IF it was offered to me I probably wouldn’t do it…being majorly afraid of heights and all. I have been getting braver and less freaked out by heights- so this stands- because I think I MIGHT be able to do it.
  11. Attend a race with access to a VIP hospitality suite. I want to see how the other half watch a race. Hey a girl can dream right?.
  12. Camp at a track- but my definition of camp is: Have access to a very nice motor home/trailer with all the amenities of home so I don’t have to visit that very scary looking group shower trailer I saw in the campgrounds at Las Vegas that one time I went through the campgrounds in a golf cart with Brad Keselowski (Yeah still can’t believe Misty and  I got to do that- it was SOOO fun)!
  13. Drive to my favorite track (Phoenix) in a Chevy Camaro and blog about the experience. I don’t have a Chevy Camaro and renting one is a bit cost prohibitive for the thrill of writing a couple of blogs about the Camaro. Ever since the Camaro has come out I have this vision of me driving it Phoenix (picking Misty up along the way in Vegas) and taking pics of the car along the route. I think it would make for an absolutely awesome post. I would also take a Corvette- or if Chevy would like me to test out the new SS street car I would be more than happy to do it and blog about the experience as well.
  14. Stand on the spotters stand- just to see the view. Spotters have always fascinated me. This will probably never happen either because of that wicked fear of heights…they would probably laugh me off the stand because I would have a death grip on the rail (there is a rail right?) and panic in my eyes (possibly along with tears- it just happens I can’t help it sometimes no matter how much I try.  I told you all about the time I decided it was time to get over my fear by going up to the observation deck of the mock Eiffel tower in Las Vegas right? I ended up panicking in the elevator stuffed with people on the way up AND people in the elevator LAUGHED AT ME- which only made it worse. I was in full tears by the time we reached the deck. I did manage to get out of the elevator but I was miserable and just wanted to go back down). Again- I am getting braver with the fear of heights thing- and MIGHT be able to actually accomplish this if someone is willing to help me make this happen.  Also? It would be great if I could see it when the spotters are actually doing their thing up there.
  15. Do a ride-along with Tony Stewart- but I have stipulations! This is going to sound really weird but I would want to do it in a pace car or street car and not one of those race experience cars and it would be best if I could do this at my local track Laguna Seca…(so it could be a first for him too- in one of our interviews with him he has said he does want to drive that track eventually). Kinda like that thing that Carl Edwards did for the Ford commercial here…but with Tony Stewart and a Chevy (Camaro? Vette? SS?). If this were to ever actually happen- someone needs to warn Tony Stewart that it probably wouldn’t take much before I would be squealing like the girl that I am and screeching “Far too fast…far too fast” because I have weird issues about not being in control when in a car but that he definitely shouldn’t let that stop him from letting loose a little.
  16. Sit in a garage stall during practice and watch them work on a car up close. Any would do but of course you would know that I would like to do it with Tony’s crew best. Honestly, I’d just sit in a corner and watch and listen and knowing me bite my tongue raw as to not to ask questions (What’s that do? What are you doing now? What exactly is that thing? Oh that’s a transmission? <- private joke between Misty and I because I can now spot a NASCAR transmission out of the car thanks to number 8).
  17. Ride around in a golf cart with Brad Keselowski delivering beer to fans while Misty interviews him as we speed around the camp grounds. Ok so that probably would have never been on my bucket list to begin with- only because I would have never thought that would actually happen but it did so I think I should be able to tick it off- since this really happened!
  18. Attend an NHRA event- I know it’s not #NASCAR related but NHRA was technically one of my first racing loves and while I don’t follow it hardly at all anymore- I would still like to experience it in it’s full grandeur.  Plus I can already see the blog post headline now: A #NASCAR Girl Goes 300 MPH With #NHRA. That’s me always thinking.
  19. Get an exclusive BadGroove interview with Jimmie Johnson -Hey we got Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski- and never really thought any of these would happen either so I am just going to keep trying to make this happen…one of these days it will.
  20. Write a fiction book centering around NASCAR. I have books in me- I just can’t seem to get them out.

So that’s my newly updated and slightly fine-tuned #NASCAR bucket list.  Tell me- what’s on yours?

Okay- so my first bucket list had a Gratuitous Tony Stewart picture…why break with tradition:

Tony Stewart at Loudon. (Photo Credit: The Official Tony Stewart facebook page).

One of the reasons I would rather ride along in a pace car or a street car? Those harnesses in the stock cars freak me out a bit.

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