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Ryan Newman on the Pole at The Brickyard With A Shiny Smile On His Face

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Why is it that Indianapolis Motor Speedway tends to be called Indy when the IRL cars are racing it but The Brickyard when NASCAR are on it? I know it is just semantecs and really has nothing to do with anything but I was just wondering if there was a real reason for this or not?

Not that it matters- what matters is that RYAN NEWMAN got the pole!  It shouldn’t really surprise me- Ryan is pretty darn good when it comes to qualifying- but all three SHR teams have been lacking lately (although I am still hoping that is on the upswing – fingers crossed) so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that not only was RYAN NEWMAN on the pole at IMS but with a NEW TRACK RECORD!!!! YEY!  It doesn’t hurt matters to find out that the bossman Tony Stewart qualified 5th! I would LOVE for Tony to rip off a third Brickyard.  He needs the win for the championship points and well any Tony Stewart fan knows that this track means the world to him.

But enough of that.  I wanted to share a little something with you- my readers about Ryan Newman. He has partnered with Oral B- yes that Oral B- the makers of toothbrushes and their Built In The USA Program.  I didn’t even realize this but not only are many of the Oral B toothbrushes made in the USA- but Oral-B’s Iowa City plant is the largest toothbrush plant in the world. And the biggest coincidence is? I just bought a brand new Oral-B toothbrush TODAY when I went to Target (it’s purple if you are curious- which just happens to be my favorite color).  Here- let Ryan tell you about what Built In The USA means to him:

What’s even more interesting?  Is that Oral B is pledging $100,000 to Hope For The Warriors® to assist U.S. service members’ reintegration into the workforce- which is something a program I can really get behind!

And speaking of Ryan Newman- yeah I know this is his last season with Stewart-Haas Racing…and I have mixed feeling about that but I will save those for another time.  Until then a big CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan Newman on his pole in his home state of Indiana. And of course you know that the ultra competitive Tony Stewart fan in me has to throw in a #GoTonyGo into the mix even though this is totally about Ryan Newman.

For more information you can Like Oral-B on Facebook, Follow OralB on Twitter or visit the Oral B website.

For Full Disclosure Purposes #spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and the Oral Care Influencer Network. This could include the Oral Care Influencer Network providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. (That is FTC speak for the fact that the “Oral Care Influencer Network” is providing me with the video and some of the informational facts in this post- but for your information the content in this post is my own. I am in the program because I use Oral B as a product and I believe in their pledge to help servicemen and women. I may be compensated for my efforts thanks to the Oral Care Influencer Network- depending on how many posts I can get in on social media).

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