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Tiny #TonyStewart Winner, “Tony Stark” Is My Friend, and Naptime For Tony

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Could I possibly use Tony any MORE in the title to this one?

First off the A Tiny #TonyStewart Of Your Very Own giveaway- it was more popular than I thought it would be and I was quite pleased with all the entries!  Because of this I am hoping to run another Tony related giveaway very soon! So without further ado, it looks like flat #TinyTony will be heading up to Canada.  Random.org picked number 10 and Sandi (who mentioned in her comment she thought TinyTony should visit her in Canada) was the tenth commenter on the post. What was coolest about that?  I know that Sandi follows me on Twitter so I dm’d her on twitter about her win as well as sending her the official winner email only to find out that she was AT ELDORA for the truck race when she was notified of her win! How totally COOL is that? I hope she had a great time – she was then on her way to Indianapolis for the Brickyard! Sounds like an awesome RACEcation!


Are you ready for the CUTE?

Here is my story: Early in this season my five year-old nephew curled up in my lap to watch the last 30 laps of a race with me when he was over visiting. He picked a car to like (Danica- because her car was green I think) and told me that he was sure the green car was going to win.  He asked me which car I wanted to win. I told him I always root for Tony Stewart- and showed him which car was Tony’s on the TV.  I may have yelled out GO TONY STEWART GO!  a couple of times during the last 30 laps. Well his five year-old, superhero-obsessed ears heard Tony Stark (as in Iron Man).

So now my nephews (5, 3, and 2) all refers to Tony Stewart as Tony Stark. As in “Amy why do you have Tony Stark in your room?” (referring to my standee- except my youngest nephew is convinced the standee is really a monster) or “Amy is that Tony Stark’s car? Does it’s wheels move?” in reference to my diecasts (which can be translated to: Amy can I play with that car?).

Last weekend (the weekend before the Brickyard) I was getting ready to drive to Vegas to visit Misty for her birthday. My nephew saw me loading up my suitcase and some other things into my car. He asked me if he could help me pack my car- which he did -quite expertly I might add. When we were done he gave me a big hug and told me: I hope you have fun watching your friend Tony Stark race. Maybe he will win.

He is so use to seeing me leaving for races that he automatically assumes that when luggage is going into the cargo area of my car- that I am off to the races. I also love that he assumes that “Tony Stark” is my friend because clearly why else would I travel hither and yon to races if he wasn’t.


And I have to share this short video from SpeedCenter’s WOW factor with you (sorry for the link but the video does not allow for embedding)- just so you can see that even Tony needs to take a nap occasionally. I have often said I wonder when he sleeps- now I know it’s between practices (click on photo to be taken to video on Speed):


SpeedCenter’s WOW Factor for July 28th, 2013- click picture to be taken to the video. (Dang my screen capture skills are strong).


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