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Smoke’s been animated by Mobil 1 and a reader #TonyStewart pic from Indy (updated)

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First order of business…Mobil 1 has produced a six part series on The Story of Oil….with the help of animated Jenson Button, animated Sergio Perez and yes…animated Tony Stewart.  The first episode is “What’s It Oil About” and is up on the Mobil 1 youtube channel now:

UPDATED TO ADD: Here is episode two: The History of Lubrication.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious…Animated Smoke floating around in the “O” like it’s an inner tube or Animated Sergio Perez offering assistance to get him out of his inner tube with a “Need some lube Mr. Smoke?” This looks like it will be GREAT fun.

While you are there at the Mobil 1 YouTube Channel look around for other Smoke videos including his Mobil 1 #SodaCookies commercial with Jenson and the Mobil 1 How To Change Your Oil tutorial with Tony.

Also-remember our #TinyTony winner Sandi A? She was at the Eldora Truck race when I DM’d her about winning and was heading to Indy? Well she sent me a great pic of Tony that she took at Indianapolis Motor Speedway while there for the Brickyard and gave me permission to share it with all of you:

Tony on pit road at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (love that you can see the famed Pagoda behind him!). He looks happy and confident there doesn’t he?  Thank you for letting me share your great picture Sandi! (Photo Credit: Sandi A).

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