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Allstate Good Ride Grant

Posted by Amy in Contests | Non-NASCAR

I know several people who ride motorcycles. It’s popular here because our local race track, LAGUNA SECA holds several major bike races, plus a neighboring town hosts a 4th of July bike rally.  During these peak times our local roads and highways are inundated with motorcycles of every type and riders of every skill level. They always make me a little nervous because once many years ago- I was behind one at an intersection and when the light turned green he lost his balance and dumped his bike right in front of me. Neither he nor his bike had any real damage other than hurt pride of course and he picked it up and carried on his way but if I hadn’t been paying attention or had we already been in motion when he dumped his bike- I could have easily hit him.  Since then I always increase my following distances when behind motorcycles.   A very good friend of my father’s seriously injured his legs dumping a bike at near highway speeds on his way to work trying to avoid rear-ending a truck that stopped short in front of him. A coworker died in a dirt biking accident at a local offroading park.  The way I see it- the very things that appeal about motorcycles- the speed and the “openness” of being one with the road are also the most dangerous. They do not not have the protective outer covering of an automobile so if they have an accident- they are much more likely to get seriously injured.

That is why when I was approached to possibly promote the Allstate Good Ride Grant- I couldn’t say no.  Do you have a good idea to make the world a safer place for motorcyclists? If you do then you should enter for an Allstate Good Ride Grant. Maybe you have an idea for a decal to raise awareness (I am reminded of the Loud Pipes Save Lives campaign of the 90s)? Or perhaps you have a great idea for a motorcycle safety song or public awareness video? Idea on legislation or laws that might make it safer for motorcycles? Any idea that increases the safety and awareness of motorcycles on the road could win $5,000.

You only have until August 31st, 2013 to submit your idea: Submit it to the Allstate Good Ride Grant Facebook page TODAY! Anyone can enter and you never know – your idea could actually save lives and increase awareness.

About the Allstate Good Ride Grant contest: Entries are allowed through August 31st, 2013. The entries will be narrowed down to 15 by a six judge panel that includes famed motorcycle builder Rick Fairless as well as Keith Rutman, vice president of Allstate’s Powersports unit; Rusty Creed, Allstate agency owner; Rod Krois, Indian Motorcycle’s Marketing Director; Bryan Harley, Motorcycle USA Editor; and Don Becklin, Motorcycle Superstore / Motorcycle USA founder and Motorsport Aftermarket Group’s retail group president.  These 15 entries will be posted on the Allstate Good Ride Grant’s facebook page where they will be voted on by fans of the page.  The top five entries will win $5,000 grants.

For “Full Disclosure” purposes (I am looking at you FTC): I am working with a PR company to promote the Allstate Good Ride Grant Contest. I am not being financially compensated for posting about this- however there is a chance that I could win a trip to Daytona Bike Week via click-thrus to their Good Ride Grant page. I know how much traffic I get on my website- and I somehow doubt I will be anywhere in the running for said contest. I am mostly posting about this because I have several coworkers and family friends who ride.

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