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Gratuitous Tony Pics, A Call For Pics & Get Well Smoke Bracelets

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I thought we all needed some much needed Gratuitous Tony Stewart pictures don’t you?  I don’t remember when I started adding the “gratuitous Tony Stewart pictures” to my race posts – it seems like I have been doing it for a long time.  I obviously have not run into any Tony pictures gratuitous or otherwise for my posts since his injury. Anyway, I was looking through my Flickr account for a specific (non-race related) picture the other night when I caught sight of this picture Misty took from Champions week last year. We usually stand at the corner by the Fashion Show mall to get pictures of the actual burn outs but last year we decided to do something a little different and took full advantage of our media access to stand in the little roped off area in front of the Victory Lap stage for media. Misty was taking pictures of each driver as they were introduced on the stage- and this picture is obviously a picture of a somewhat pensive Kasey Kahne…but it’s Tony’s expression behind Kasey that CRACKS ME UP. I don’t know why it humors me so- I guess it’s because it’s like he’s slightly amused by us.  He had probably seen us earlier at the Chevy Gen6 car reveal – as not only did we sit in the first row, but then when media were invited onstage I drug Misty up there because I wanted to get some pictures of the car. Basically Tony photo-bombed this picture of Kasey without meaning to.

Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart during 2012 Champions Week

Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart during 2012 Champions Week (Photo Credit: Misty Bethany)

So then that got me going through my race pictures on Flickr (I had forgot the original reason I was on Flickr by this point) which brought me to this picture I took of Tony during his media session at the Las Vegas race this year. Technically not the best picture in the world (I am still learning the best ways to take pictures in a room with no flash- I hate to inundate people with flash pictures and it was kind of dark because it was storming outside) but his expression cracks me up:

Tony Stewart in the media center in March 2013 at Las Vegas Speedway- pretty sure that was right before he chastised those taking photos in the room for taking his picture because he moved his arm and he couldn’t figure out what was so exciting about that (fyi Tony- it was cuz you blurred when you did that- plus you blinked ;-) ) (Photo Credit: Amy K. Marbach)

Call For Photos: Do any of you have pictures of Tony / Team 14 you have taken that you would like to share with us (we would of course give you photo credit)? Share the love…send them to badgruv @ netzero.com (without the spaces for the evil spambots).


A friend and fellow smoke fan, Lynn, usually has bracelets made up to support Team 14 and Tony Stewart during the chase. She sends them to the crew and then recoups her money by selling the extras to her Tony Stewart friends.  This year we conspired to make some Get Well Smoke bracelets, and again Lynn has sent them to the crew.  If you want one you can email me. They are $3.00 each- that includes shipping.  They are black with white writing and say GET WELL SMOKE on one said and TEAM 14 on the other.  Any money made over the cost of the bracelets & shipping will go towards a (hopefully nice fat) check to The Tony Stewart Foundation. Contact me at badgruv @ netzero.com (without the spaces for the evil spambots) for more information.

Get Well Smoke Bracelet

Get Well Smoke Bracelet

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