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Race 26: Atlanta

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#SmokeWillRise over the door of the #14 Chevy in the garage at Atlanta Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Bray/SkirtsandScuffs.com)

Was it just me or was the constant talking about who where so-and-so driver was in the chase standings if it started right then irritating as all get out. That is all good and fine- but here is a little news flash for you (and by you I mean TV booth broadcasters) THE CHASE DOES NOT START UNTIL AFTER RICHMOND. I have a feeling that next Saturday night is going to be rifled with it.

Of course I might just be grumpy about it because my drive will not be in the Chase this year. He has been been physically and mathematically eliminated from Chase contention- which makes me more than a little sad.

Yes I am curious as to who will actually make the chase. I have my fingers crossed for a couple of drivers who will as of now remain unnamed because I seem to be on some sort of spree where I claim support for a driver and they end up broken some how – my apologies to Tony Stewart, Martin Truex Jr, Bobby Labonte and Max Papis for their subsequent injuries.  Have the broadcasters tell me every 15 minutes throughout a race does NOT build any interest in it though really-  it just makes me want to mute the TV!  So please please take that into consideration. I mean at one point they had Jimmie Johnson out of first in the points because Clint Bowyer was leading. How did that work out for Clint? Not so good. So don’t do that TV Announcers. It’s annoying.

Also, as a side note since we are on a rant about television broadcasts, please STOP with the creepy Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diet Dew commercial. There is something just plain creepy about it- and the more I see it the creepier it gets. It’s is like the John Malkovich of commercials. Please for the love of Pete- no more. I would rather be forced to watch an endless loop of the “I ATE THE BONES” KFC commercials than see the creepy Dale Jr commercial again. I can’t be the only one.

But now for the race- I don’t understand why the 14 car always seems to bad out of the box (insert forlorn sigh here). It didn’t practice well, it definitely didn’t qualify well and well- obvious it didn’t race well because we finished our second straight race laps down. Although for the first several laps Mark Martin seemed to be able to communicate what he needed in the car- but it was all moot after getting tangled up with a couple of other drivers during what looked like a chain reaction restart fiasco- where one car towards the front spins his tires and everyone else has to try to check up to avoid a collision. The front of the #14 was terrible looking- I was honestly surprised the radiator still worked!  They must have come in four to six times during that caution alone trying to work on getting it fixed up without losing a lap- which they did anyway.

On the plus side? Mark Martin praised the pit crew several times on pit stops- saying that they were smoking hot and fast.  I just think that SOMETHING needs to be done to get the car more competitive off of the trailer.  What I do not know- but something.

It was a shame that Jeff Gordon didn’t finish better- he seemed to have a really strong car out there- especially during the beginning of the race- he seemed to really be able to move through the field well.

Mark Martin Chats with a crew member before first practice at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Mark Martin Chats with a crew member before first practice at Atlanta Motor Speedway (photo credit: Stewart Haas Racing Facebook page- click photo for original)

I am also going to admit to something: There were a couple of times during the race- especially late during the race that I wanted to stand up and yell “THAT RIGHT THERE IS WHY KURT BUSCH TO STEWART-HAAS RACING IS A GOOD THING” but all that would have done was upset the dog who was snoozing in her favorite chair. You are lucky I kept my tweets to lighthearted comments like : Don’t worry Jeff Burton- that will buff right out.

The race winner was Kyle Busch- I LOVE how he gets out and bows. If you have read me for awhile you know I have always been a Kyle fan- I adore how he plays to the boos- cracks me up and makes me enjoy his spunk even more (sorry I had to retract that statement on the basis that I might break him too). But if that last statement weren’t stricken from the post- I have to qualify it with a “not as much as Tony though.” And while we are on the subject of Mr. Tony Stewart- I seriously doubt he reads this (mostly because of a conversation I had with him and Misty during our first interview with him)- if on the off chance that you are bored out of your head one night and reading this Tony- while I want you healed up completely before you get back in the car- I miss your passion and drive out there- it’s just not the same without you.

Notes about Atlanta:

1. First I want to thank Katy from SkirtsandScuffs.com for giving me permission to use their photographer Charlotte Bray’s photo at the top of the post- they got lots of great shots from Atlanta up on the Skirts and Scuffs FaceFook page- be sure to check out these photo albums on the Skirts and Scuffs Facebook page: Friday at Atlanta, Saturday at Atlanta, Sunday at Atlanta. Thank you both ladies!

2. Was I the only one who found it slightly ironic that they had to delay the start of the race because of #SMOKE from the fireworks? Probably- I am weird like that I guess.

3. Yes Tony spoke with Mark Martin over the radio at the beginning of the race again- but I couldn’t hear anything because the NASCAR MOBILE 13 ap was static ridden during his talk. It was definitely his voice though (although he sounds somewhat different then when he’s driving- I take it to be less adrenaline.  Funny how his voice changes like that- but I guess that holds true for all the drivers). He was saying something about the lights on the dashboard and Bob the Spotter…but I could barely make that much out.

4. The slap heard around the NASCAR community.  Truck series driver, and #Smoke relief driver for Watkins Glen,  Max Papis got slapped by the girlfriend of a fellow driver after an on track incident.  After the incident driver Mike Skeen leaned into Papis’s truck for a little chat. Apparently that wasn’t enough though- his girlfriend then went ahead and showed her displeasure too- which surprises me because Max always seems pretty mild mannered as far as drivers go.  Here is the video in case you missed it:

Next Saturday we are racing at Richmond and after that we will no longer have to hear “if the chase started right now” instead it will be replaced with “if the chase ended right now…”

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2 Responses

  • Lynn Bell says:

    A couple of things:
    1. I could only hear Tony on Danica’s radio-ugh
    2. Mark Martin will only irritate me more as the season goes on.
    3. I’m begging you not to utter Kyle’s name the rest of the year for fear you will harm him. He’s my pick to take it all

  • Amy says:

    I am trying to remain optimistic about Mark Martin…I mean they picked him for a reason right? Right?!
    And I promise not to utter the name you requested- just in case I happen to be cursed :-)

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