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Christmas Ideas for the #NASCAR Fan In Your Life

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Finding yourself flummoxed by what to get that special NASCAR fan in your life for Christmas this year? Let me offer some ideas and suggestions:

First things first- do you know the favorite driver of your NASCAR fan?  Most drivers have their own websites that have online links to driver specific stores:  Tony Stewart Store, Jeff Gordon Store, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson are but just a few examples.  All you really need to do is a search engine search for “driver name” store and they will often come up. You can find all kind of items from clothing to vehicle and office supplies and tailgating essentials (and let me tell you NASCAR fans love a good tailgate!).  If you stumble upon a driver that doesn’t have their own store or have multiple NASCAR fans in your life to shop for and want to get it done in one swoop or are looking for NASCAR branded stuff that isn’t necessarily driver branded you can always try the official NASCAR store. Even if you are unsure what exact item the fan in your life might want- most stores (and definitely the NASCAR.COM Store) offer gift cards so they can choose their own gift.

Some drivers have special items made for or by them, products they produce or endorse that could make awesome and unique gifts.  For instance-  Misty is an ardent Jeff Gordon fan and I have gifted her his wine (Jeff Gordon Wines) on a couple different occasions. Of course she is such a fan that she refuses to drink it because she doesn’t want to open the bottle.  Likewise, car owner Richard Childress  also makes wines, NASCAR Hall of fame driver Junior Johnson touches on the moonshine running roots of NASCAR with his Midnight Moon Moonshine products (that my brother adores). Tony Stewart fans might like the Tony Stewart Original’s (a line of bbq sauce, salsa, and jerky), and  Dale Earnhardt Jr fans might clamor for SpyOptics brand sunglasses. Just remember if you are trying to order adult beverages on the internet- they can only ship to certain states- and that those deliveries often require signatures- so plan your shipping accordingly.

Quite by accident- I discovered that Kohl’s online store has a great amount of interesting NASCAR related gifts.  Most of their NASCAR gifts seem to be available only online but include some fantastic (yet kind of expensive) jewelry I haven’t seen before. Unfortunately for me the one jewelry item I would love to have is only available in HMS and JGR drivers! It’s the insignia bracelet/beads -here is the beads for the Denny Hamlin variation (but they also have Dale Jr, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, and Matt Kenseth).  Good news is as of this writing most of their NASCAR stuff is also on sale! Not only do they have NASCAR jewelry but toys, clothes and these really cool NASCAR driver gift packs available.

Speaking of jewelry- Josten’s (yes they of class ring fame) has NASCAR jewelry available in select drivers as well.

Diecast cars are a very popular collectable and many NASCAR fans take their collections very seriously! Lionel Racing produce the premiere diecasts.  If a 1:24 scale diecast is a little out of your price range fear not- they have many of the same cars in 1:64 scale (which are about hot wheels size- but do not refer to them as a hot wheel or match box car- likely your diecast collecting fan will not take kindly to the insinuation that their collection is full of toys).  Lionel Racing also has a wide range of other collectables as well as display cases (which I am definitely in the market for). Also a plus? Lionel has their Willy Wonka-esque Golden Ticket promotion going on right now. 700 “Golden Tickets” can be found randomly inserted in their 2014 1:24 scale diecasts. If you find one of the Golden Tickets you can win something fabulous!  Some of the Golden Ticket Items include: A ride along with Dale Earnhardt Jr, An Autographed Kasey Kahne Firesuit, A behind the scenes tour of Roush Fenway Racing for you and three guests, (my personal favorite) a tour of a Stewart-Haas Racing team hauler at track of your choice, and many many more. You can go here for more information on the Golden Ticket promotion – you may make some NASCAR fan very VERY happy this Christmas if they find a Golden Ticket in their diecast. Note: Some of the cars sell out so order early. Likewise the The Bradford Exchange has diecasts and other unique NASCAR collectibles and conveniently offer a payment plan option for your purchases.

Willing to spend a little more dough to get your favorite NASCAR fan a memory they can’t forget? My first thought is a driver or ride along experience. There is the NASCAR Racing Experience and the Richard Petty Driving Experience – but if you don’t live close to one of the tracks that offer these try checking with a local race track. Many race tracks offer different ride along and driver schools that will help you get your NASCAR fan behind the wheel.

Race tickets are always a GREAT present. I think Misty gave me the gift of going to the race at Auto Club for my birthday a couple of times! Or if your favorite NASCAR Fan already has tickets to their favorite race- maybe consider something like pre-race passes (usually available at the track box office- these allow holders to access the infield and pit road areas before a race).

You can also give a gift that gives back!  Consider the fact that many drivers have their own charitable foundations that help a variety of causes. The Tony Stewart Foundation raises and donates funds to help care for children diagnosed with critical or chronic illness, animals which are at-risk or endangered, and for drivers injured in the sport of motor racing. The Denny Hamlin Foundation specifically raises awareness and funds for the specific needs of children with cystic fibrosis. The Ryan Newman Foundation promotes animal welfare and environmental conservatism. The causes are as varied as the drivers (and the fans) themselves. A donation to a driver foundation would make a great gift for the NASCAR fan who has everything or supports their driver’s cause. There is also the NASCAR themed Victory Junction Camp that has two campus – created by Kyle and Patty Petty as an homage to their son Adam as a place where children with chronic illnesses can have a place to just be a kid!

One last gift I can think of would be a personalized gift basket! Look at your NASCAR fan’s driver sponsors and pick up sponsor items for a specially themed gift. For instance you might give Kyle Busch fans a basket containing M&Ms, Snickers, Doublemint, and Monster Energy drinks.  Your Tony Stewart fan might get a basket containing Oreos & Coke (A DIY Soda Cookie pack!), Bass Pro Shop goodies and Mobil 1 gas cards. Greg Biffle fans might find a basket of 3M products under their tree.  Be creative.

If you have any NASCAR gift ideas- feel free to share in the comments!

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