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2013 NASCAR Champions Week- The Outtakes

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

(Here are links to Celebrating A NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion…Vegas Style Part One and Celebrating Part Two)

First off I wanted to let you know that you can see all of our pictures from Champions Week over in our Sprint Cup Champion’s Week 2013  flickr set (all pictures no commentary) so I hope you enjoy those.

Here are my favorite (often times silly and possibly only funny to us) “outtake” moments from this year’s NASCAR Champion’s Week celebration:

1. That the only part of Tony Stewart Live that Misty and I managed to catch (since Tuesday was my travel day) was Jimmie Johnson saying that Chad Knaus was aging in dog years and he didn’t know how much more he had in him. (For those not in the know- Misty’s favorite driver is Jeff Gordon- but Chad is her favorite crew chief). Okay- well maybe only I (Amy) found that hilarious- am pretty sure Misty didn’t find it too funny but don’t worry- she gets me back in this department with outtake 3. Needless to say “aging in dog years” became the catchphrase of the week.

2. That time Robin Leach (yes he of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame) photobombed Misty’s picture of Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth during The Victory Lap (and all three of the drivers were smiling- not an easy thing to catch):

Robin Leach, Photobomber extraordinaire

Thanks for the photobomb Robin Leach. (Also from left to right  after the photobomber are: 6 time champion Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth). (Photo Credit: Misty Bethany)

3. That time I scared the waiter at La Salsa Cantina but it was all Tony Stewart’s fault! Alternately this one could also be called: That time I likely walked right past Tony Stewart at the Encore.  Settle in- there is a story to this one kids.  On Thursday morning Misty and I were walking around the Wynn and the Encore hotels (they are connected) after picking up our event credentials taking in the sights, looking in the shops and staying warm before The Victory Lap.  There were drivers in the Wynn around this time all dressed up, waiting for the Myer’s Brother luncheon to start. Misty and I caught sight of quite a few standing outside one of the restaurants- including Kasey Kahne, Greg Biffle and Joey Logano.  Anyway- later that morning we were strolling through the shopping area that connects the Encore to the Wynn heading back towards the Wynn parking garage after our window shopping and when Misty caught sight of Evie Johnson being held by someone in a large group of well dressed people standing in the middle of the concourse and pointed her out to me. It was after she called my attention to the group that I noticed that one of the people in the group was Matt Borland. Misty was sure that meant that Matt Borland must have won the crew chief of the year award (see number one in this list on why her knickers were in a knot about that) . Anyway I digress- the group was stopped and since we were actually walking heading towards the parking garage we had to walk right past them. When we get to the group I see Tony’s PR guy Mike Arning in the group.  I pointed it out to Misty after we passed and she is all “Tony must have won something and he MUST be here probably right there in that group” and was tempted to turn around and go back. I poo-pooed her idea that Tony was in Vegas (I bold that for her- I admit she was right and I was wrong). I believe I even said that if Tony won something maybe Mike was there to accept it on his behalf. We carried on to the parking garage and out to Planet Hollywood.  Fast forward to lunch- we are sitting there in La Salsa Cantina- finishing up our lunch and getting ready to head towards the media pen for The Victory Lap. I pick up my phone and start scrolling through twitter…looking to see if Misty’s prediction about Matt Borland was right (it was NOT – although he did win an award). Apparently I picked the exact time that it was announced that Tony won the Myer’s Brothers award- THE top honor of the luncheon and THAT HE WAS THERE (and unaware that he was winning apparently) to look at my twitter feed- which had blown up with the news. This caused me to yelp DAMMIT! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME HE HAS DONE THIS TO ME! Of course I do this right when our waiter is coming to take our plates and just happened to be reaching for mine.  This startled him because he thought I was talking about him- which of course I was NOT.  He was apologizing- and Misty was trying to explain that I wasn’t talking about him… I was so mortified I could barely look at the waiter when I realized what was going on. Misty on the other hand, was trying to keep from peeing herself because she was laughing so hard AT me. Needless to say he got a very good tip.

So that is my list of “outtake” moments of Champions week for you.

As a bonus for you- here is an embedded video of Tony’s Myer’s Brothers Award speech:

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