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Teammate Destroys Tony Stewart’s Trophy Case & Another Jeff Gordon Test Drive

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Ahh its time for Fun With NASCAR ads.  I love NASCAR themed ads- whether they are advertising the sport or a particular sponsor nothing will make me pay more attention to an advertisement on television than to see a NASCAR tie in somewhere, somehow.

Case in point: A tire ad.  How many ways can there be to sell tires right? Pretty much show tires performing under adverse yet every day conditions- like in rain, in snow, and the like.  You don’t really think too much about the science that goes into tires.  Well this Goodyear ad does- by tying in the physics of racing with NASCAR.  And in it it just so happens that driver Kevin Harvick destroys teammate (and team owner) Tony Stewart’s trophy case in the name of illustrating tire science:

There are two other fun Goodyear ads with driver Kevin Harvick: What 200mph Means & What 3G’s Feels Like. All three ads have fun with the real science behind Goodyear tire technology.  I definitely like the trophy case one best. Why? Beacuse I think Kevin Harvick might be hinting at something- that he’s out to destroy Tony’s trophy case this season. Watch out for Stewart-Haas Racing this season!


Also you probably remember last year’s Jeff Gordon Pepsi Max prank ad entitled Test Drive? Where not soon after the ad aired people were quick to point out whether it was REALLY or not a prank?!  Well now there is a second Pepsi Max prank ad. And this time the person being pranked? Is one of the journalists that was quick to cry foul with the last ad:

I lean towards this one really being a prank. Why? Because the journalist in the back sea initially undoes his seatbelt when they first get pulled over and then quite quickly attempts to buckle it back up when the “cabbie” (Jeff Gordon) decides to evade arrest. This ad definitely makes me think twice about dissing something on my blog that is for sure. But what a fun ride that would be.

#GoTonyGo #14in14 #StandWithSmoke

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