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The Duck Commander 500

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Tony Stewart Wins The Duck Commander 500 Pole

Tony Stewart Wins The Duck Commander 500 Pole (photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

What do I have in common with Tony Stewart? That is easy- I also drove 500 miles on Monday.  Of course his drive took far less time than mine did, but in my favor- Tony didn’t get to take potty breaks. I was an hour and a half into my drive when the Duck Commander 500 started and well- lets just say I still had about two and a half hours left in my drive when it ended.

But I digress…let’s start with qualifying. I was actually sitting in a McDonalds in Overton, Nevada when I found out that Tony won the pole position for the race.  Where?  Overton- it’s a small town on the outskirts of Valley Of Fire State Park- where I spent a good portion of the morning hiking and taking pictures.  Misty picked out a booth and we sat and waited for our lunch to come up when she pulled out her phone and said “Tony got the pole.”  I might have chuckled thinking she was kidding. In my defense- Tony isn’t the best qualifier (except lately- so I am beginning to think that this new qualifying format might just suit him). I believe I said- “yeah sure” and she said “No- I am serious” and held her phone at me to prove it. It was a great way to cap off what was a great fun morning we had been having.

Sunday was my last day in Vegas (it was just a quicky trip to visit Misty and to take my new wheels on a road trip) so I have to be honest- I wasn’t sad that the race was rained out. I knew that meant that I would likely be listening to it on Sirius XM NASCAR and that is exactly what I did.  I mean I have SiriusXM and I have the NASCAR station as a preset even though I never listen to it (most of the time anyway).

The crew services the #14 Chevy

The crew services the #14 Chevy (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

Let me tell you this is only the second time in two years that I have listened to a race on the radio. I forgot how much I LOVED hearing it that way. The announcers that call the race for PRN do an EXCELLENT job.  (Although the drivers might like it if I don’t listen on the radio because both times I have done so someone has ended up in a fiery accident.  The first time was Kasey Kahne…this time it was Dale Earnhardt Jr). If you have never had the opportunity to listen to the PRN crew call a race- I highly suggest it.  Someone awhile back told me that they tend to watch the race on mute while listening to PRN…I like that idea. I might just employ that at some point this season.

So since I was driving I didn’t listen to Tony’s scanner like I usually do but I can tell from what other people said as well as the team race report that it sounds like the handling went away on the car due to weather changes. It sounds like Tony’s car was awesome during the beginning of the race (he led for something like 74 laps) but once the sun started to come out and heat the track up the car’s handling just went away and even though the team chased the set up best they could- mother nature had this one.  At least Tony was able to stay in the top ten most of the race. He finished 10th and moved up to 14th in the standings- which means nothing for the chase since he hasn’t won any races (yet!).

The 14 car on track at Texas

The 14 car on track at Texas (photo credit: The Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

Joey Logano won the Duck Commander 500- he is the 7th different winner in the 7th race of the season.

Notes About The Duck Commander 500:

1. One of my favorite moments while listening to the Duck Commander 500 was Dale Jr.’s interview after the fiery crash he had on lap 12 of the race. Dale was asked how he ended up in the (very soggy) grass and his answer was priceless: “I drove the car there.” Oh Dale Earnhardt Jr- your answer made me chuckle for miles.

2. Did I hear correctly? Something hit Jimmie Johnson’s windshield so hard it cracked the windshield and damaged the brace holding in the windshield? Yikes!!!

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Tony Stewart at Texas Motor Speedway

Tony Stewart at Texas Motor Speedway (photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

This weekend we are night racing at Darlington :-)


#GoTonyGo #14in14 #StandWithSmoke

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2 Responses

  • Lynn Bell says:

    I was driving on Saturday when I heard he got the pole. A crazier person was never seen in traffic! Sunroof open, fists pumped in the air. I could not have been more thrilled.

    Monday I took my phone with me to work fully equipped with the nascar mobile app. The PRN crew did an excellent job making me feel like I was on pit road at TMS. While I wish we were a little closer to a top 5 I think team 14 is moving in the right direction.

  • Lynn Bell says:

    PS. I thought the command was weak and a little crazy but what could you possibly expect from Uncle Si?

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