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Aarons 499: Disappointment at Talladega

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Tony Stewart’s pit crew rushes around the #14 Bass Pro Chevy (photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

I am not a fan of racing at super speedways- much the way some people aren’t fans of road courses.  There usually isn’t a lot of mixing it up on super speedways- because it’s just too dangerous to press your luck.  I like my races to have at least a little more balance between skill and luck (honstly I like my races to be heavier in the skill than the luck and not vice versa). Races at Talladega are much more luck than skill in my opinion- luck in that IF you can stay out of someone else’s mess then you might have a chance succeed.

And that is what happened to Tony- he got caught up in an accident on lap 137 when Brad Keselowski (whom I might add was 6 laps down at the time) was racing hard in the middle of the lead pack (with an aerodynamically unsound car damaged from a run in early in the race after contact with Danica at the lead) when he lost control and ruined the day of multiple drivers.  Tony was one of several drivers involved (including pole sitter Brian Scott, Matt Kenseth, Martin Truex Jr, Jeff Gordon, Alex Bowman, Trevor Bayne and others) when he diverted the car down hard onto the apron to avoid the mess and ended up getting collected by cars coming down off the banking. The Bass Pro Shops #14 took a nose into inside retaining wall- fairly hard right next to pole winner Brian Scott who also nosed his car into the wall hard.  There was one shot of the car with it’s crumpled nose and I thought- damn that looks pretty terminal and indeed I was right- the 14 would not return to the track and finished dead last in 43rd.

Tony Stewart at Talladega 2014 (Photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Facebook Page)

That said, it’s not like Tony was having a great run at Talladega before the wreck. Despite qualifying 12th for the Aarons 499 he had to start in the back because of unspecified changes made to the car under impound.  During the race it’s self- Tony’s car was having issues with water pressure (not the temperature- he was adamant on the radio that the temps were normal but the pressure was high high high).  Despite Tony’s frustration, the team kept working on it- including resetting the pressure value or something.  Chad then told Tony to just to drive it as long as the temps stayed below 270 (I think- hey I was watching and listening to the scanner on my phone- but I also had a terrible headache).  But he was at least likely going to finish on the lead lap- if not better.

It was disappointing to hear them struggling with the water pressure and then to have him get wrecked.  It seems as if team 14 can not catch a freaking break this season.

As I mentioned- Tony was scored 43rd and fell to 21st in the points standings and has no wins.  Race winner was Denny Hamlin who won on the last lap when a caution was flown after a last lap crash near the start/finish line.

Notes about Talladega:

1. I love it when #NASCAR drivers, crew, etc show us exactly what the sport is about- last week I mentioned that Reed Sorenson got yanked out of his flaming car by a member from Kasey Kahne’s crew- well this week there was something that you might have missed because you didn’t see it on TV and it really wasn’t mentioned except by Brian Scott:

Smoke helps Brian Scott out...

2.  Why is it big news that Kyle Busch got a speeding ticket on April 29th? I mean he was only going 15 mph over the speed limit. I don’t see what the big whoop is.  It’s not like last time where he was going upwords of 125. I am not saying he shouldn’t have gotten a speeding ticket- I got got one about a year ago (my only one) for doing 70 in a 55 on a rural farm road near Fresno- but it didn’t make the news for goodness sake. (Insert eye roll here).

3. If you missed the article that Marty Smith did on Shawna Robinson and her battle with breast cancer you MUST READ IT!

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

Nu'uh- I haven't seen your cookies....

I love this picture- Tony looks like a little kid who’s hiding someone’s cookies. Nope…haven’t seen any cookies here. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page)

I don’t know what it is but this picture absolutely cracks me up. (Photo Credit: StewartHaasRacing.Com- click on the picture to be taken to the Caption Contest where this picture was posted and join the fun).

Next week we are racing at night at Kansas.


#GoTonyGo #14in14 #StandWithSmoke

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  • Lynn Bell says:

    Like you, I felt like the race was all about luck and it sure seems like our boyTony seems to have little to none if it.

    Things have got to get better…..right?

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