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All Star Saturday Night….

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Qualifying Pit Stop

Qualifying Pit Stop for the Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store, Copyright, CIA Stock Photography, Inc.)

So I have to admit- I was not as enthralled with the All-Star Race this year as I have been in years past.  Why? I can’t be 100 percent sure why-but likely it’s a combination of things.  I think a big part of it has to do with the fact that they never seem to stick to a format (would it kill them to reverse the field again maybe in the second to last segment- that year was fun).  Plus I REALLY miss the Pit Crew Challenge. ALOT.  That was always my FAVORITE event of the All-Star Week celebrations- the pit crews getting to show their stuff and shine in the light for awhile….NASCAR is a team sport and unfortunately they can be a little overlooked sometimes I think. .  Plus I readily admit that a teeny tiny part of me is jealous and would LOVE to be in the Charlotte area touring race shops and such instead of working. One of these years it will happen…

Tony Stewart In Car

Tony Stewart In Car at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook, Anna Sherrill/CIA Copyright, CIA Stock Photography, Inc.)

About the race itself? I LOVED the qualifying format. LOVE LOVE LOVE!  It could have only been more exciting if there had been multiple cars on the track at the same time- you know since that seems to be NASCAR’s deal with knockout qualifying. If they could figure out a way to incorporate a pit stop into knockout qualifying now- that would be something! So there was that- and to think I came close to blowing off watching qualifying…so glad I didn’t.

Tony's Helmet

Tony’s Helmet (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page, Anna Sherrill/CIA Copyright, CIA Stock Photography, Inc.)

Regarding Tony’s performance at the All-Star Race all I can say is this: I can only hope that Tony finds what he’s looking for at the pawn shop this week…sigh. I will say this- Tony put his all into that qualifying attempt- leaving parts on pit road as he left!  Tony qualified 15th and finished 12th (mostly by attrition- but he was excited towards the end of the race when he passed a car).  Jamie McMurray was the winner!

Notes About the All-Star Race:

I have only ONE thing to talk about in NOTES this week- and that is the fan vote. I can NOT believe the amount of negativity that I have seen over the fact that Josh Wise won the fan vote.  Seriously people? Just because whomever you expected or voted for didn’t win you are upset with it? That is the point of a FAN VOTE. I personally think it’s GREAT that Josh Wise won. Why? It’s obviously bringing new, different fans into the sport!  If NASCAR ruled that they didn’t cheat in anyway to get the fan vote then all the power to them. It is the FAN vote after all. Quit being jealous- and vote more next time. (I will get off my soap box now).

Gratuitous Tony Stewart:

Tony Stewart, Greg Zipadelli, Chad Johnston

Tony Stewart, Greg Zipadelli, Chad Johnston discuss…what I don’t know. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook Page, Copyright, CIA Stock Photography, Inc.)

Next Sunday is the longest race of the season- the Coca-Cola 600…


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  • Amy says:

    I loved qualifying! Tony left everything on the track both figuratively and literally. I, too, miss the Pit Crew Challenge. The pit crews are the ones who are the silent members of the team. And frankly without them, drivers would have to get out and change their own tires and fill their own gas tanks! They are also under a lot of pressure, I believe more so than the drivers. One screw up on pit road can cost a driver track position or even the race. Just ask Kevin Harvick’s pit crew about all that.

    I swear some of these NASCAR fans need a good swift hit to the head with a tire iron! It’s a FREAKIN’ FAN VOTE!!! I am so glad Josh Wise got the fan vote! BOO HOO Danica didn’t make the cut! Build a FREAKIN’ bridge and get over it! Perhaps she doesn’t have as many fans as Josh Wise. NASCAR ruled they didn’t cheat. And to coin a popular song from Frozen…”Let it Go, Let it Go”!

    Can wait for Sunday! It’s Day ‘o Racing! Indy 500 + Coke 600 = 1100 miles of racing excitement!

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