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Tony Stewart “rips” media? I don’t think so…but he probably should.

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Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Code 3/Mobil 1 Chevrolet, speaks with Greg Biffle, driver of the #16 3M Ford, during qualifying for the NASCAR race at Dover International Speedway on May 30, 2014 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo Credit: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images North America)

What is this? Two posts in one day? Yes! I am all up in a dander today after I read this FOXSports article and lucky you- this is where I vent about what gets my dander up when it comes to NASCAR. So hold on a second and let me climb up on my soapbox. First off this how the article was promoted on the NASCAR on FOX Facebook page:

Tony Stewart ripped the media on Friday for questioning his plans to race sprint cars again – and that’s not all the three-time NASCAR champ had to say. STORY: foxs.pt/1o7za3j

First off- I heard pretty much the entire presser after the fact (I wish I could figure out how to post it here- if I find a transcript I will) with my own ears and he didn’t sound like he was “ripping” anyone to me. I have heard him get snippy with questions in the media center (both on PressPass and in person) and I would be hard pressed to call Tony’s comments “snippy” let alone “ripping”. I have no idea who thought that was a “ripping” because they do not know the definition of being ripped, whether it be by Tony Stewart or anyone else for that matter.

Secondly- people have always said that Tony shouldn’t race extracurricular series as long as he is a NASCAR driver. That is nothing new. He’s heard it before. Hell- I have heard it before. It seems to be even more prevalent since his injury last year. A lot of these people are clucking around going “SEE! Told you so! Your leg was severely broken (I am sure he realizes this by the way- since it’s, you know, HIS LEG and all) so you definitely should NOT get back in a sprint car ever again!” These are the people I would like to smack across the nose with a newspaper and send them to their crate (by the way- I have never smacked a dog with a newspaper so don’t get all dear-god-she’s-a-dog-abuser on me). Would you tell your kid if she fell off a swing and broke her arm that she shouldn’t swing ever again? Would you tell your kid if she slid off a horse and scraped the crap out of her elbow that she shouldn’t ride a horse any more? Would you tell me to never sleep again because I managed somehow to dislocate my knee sleeping? Likely you answered no to all of those and maybe muttered what the hell? at the last one. Yeah- it happened. To me. I am not sure how it happened and it was my freaking knee. For full disclosure- I never did ride a horse again. Honestly- the opportunity never really presented itself. But I digress- my actual point is that things happen. It’s part of life. Last I checked, Tony Stewart is an adult of sound mind and can weigh the risks to rewards ratio of getting back into a sprint car. If that is his release, his reset, his happy place- then good for him that he is able to enjoy it. I say have at it. Yes I am a fan. Yes I would be sad if he got injured or re-injured but I would be sad if he got hit by a car at the post office parking lot (this almost happened to me today 3 separate times and it’s a small post office) as well- and there isn’t any one telling him he can’t go to the post office, or the grocery store, or you know do things like shower. So I say quit telling the man what he can and can’t do.

Last point- I am not surprised that he isn’t going to announce his return to the masses. He and dirt racing have been in the racing media eye for a long time. It’s his off-time, his weekend, his “fun day (night in most of these cases)” why would he want the media throngs (and even the fans) to be all over that- because don’t lie you know they would be. Would you like your coworkers or boss going with you on a hike or to the beach? No the media is DEFINITELY NOT his boss it’s a similar notion. Like Tony said- he doesn’t want it turning into a “cluster” and who can blame him. Don’t make him really “rip” you a new one people. Don’t make him hide. Just let the man do what he likes to do on his own terms in his own time. He’ll let you know how it goes.

Okay so I will get off my soap box now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


#GoTonyGo #StandWithSmoke

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5 Responses

  • Mary says:

    Amen and AMEN!!

  • Connie Harrington says:

    DIRT TRACK racing IS Tony’s passion, he is a big boy knows full well how fast things happen. No different then any other racing, suit up SMOKE, KNOXVILLE is just around the corner. Go enjoy YOUR life….have fun !!

  • DONNA says:


  • Tish says:

    I don’t get the media trying to be his baby sitters! Tony told everyone back in September when able he would be back in a sprint car. They scream what about your sponsors, they knew what he did when they signed on and he is actually giving them more show for their buck because he always has them on his sprint car. As for the Fox headline–it is just that. Anything to draw attention to their stupid article and start a bunch of bs. Tony is going to do as he wants!

  • Mike says:

    Ok! Here’s my ? To all of the people saying he shouldn’t do this or that. Don’t you people have a life of your own to live? Stop worrying about what smoke does. And I agree he was I thought very accommodating to the media this weekend.

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