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Pocono 400: The End Didn’t Justify The Means

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The 14 Mobil 1 Chevy

The 14 Mobil 1 Chevy at Pocono 2014 (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure for BadGroove.com)

Pocono and it’s quirky triangular shape- I have always had a love/hate relationship with watching races at Pocono. I still call it “the evil little triangle” why I call it little- I don’t know- it’s actually quite a large and oddly shaped track.  Tony’s runs have been either really good there or really bad there. I was kind of dreading it this season figuring that with the way things have been going for team 14 this season it was going to be one of those bad tracks.

The 14 in her garage stall (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure for BadGroove.com)

However the Tony qualified 12th! I was kind of hopeful. He seemed to do alright during practices- again this had me even more hopeful.

Tony and Crew discuss the car

Tony Stewart, crew chief Chad Johnston and crew discuss the 14 Mobil 1 Chevy in the garage at Pocono 2014 (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure for BadGroove)

However I didn’t get excited until I saw Tony passing cars when the race started. He didn’t stay 12th long- he was quickly into the top 10 – where he stayed throughout the race. THAT is what I want to see! From what I was hearing on the scanner ap – most of the time Tony was pretty happy with the car- no “big swings” needed just minor adjustments here and there to keep up with the track conditions. And then don’t even get me going with the leading the race thing.

I know Tony was disappointed by the speeding penalty. Heck I let out quite the string of expletives myself. But these things happen to EVERYBODY race car driver or not! After the speeding penalty- Tony was scored 15th, and passed two more cars before the checkers to finish 13th. This finish moved him up to 18th in the points standings – but that doesn’t really matter in the big picture since he doesn’t have a win yet. It’s coming- hopefully soon!

Zooming through the garage

Zooming through the garage area at Pocono (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure for BadGroove.com)

So technically- the ends didn’t justify the means- in that the race was AWESOME for Tony and Team 14- but was thwarted by a speeding penalty. However the encouraging factor is that the car was really good- right off the truck.  It’s coming together. We WILL get that win. Race winner was Dale Earnhardt Jr. Honestly I was glad it was someone who had already won before. And I will continue to be glad for repeat winners until Tony gets his win (see what I did there- until he gets his win? Because HE WILL!) Hopefully that will be this weekend at Michigan.

Notes About Pocono:

1. I want to thank photographer Glenn Bure for sharing his pictures of Tony at Pocono with me for my readers at BadGroove!

2. It’s rumored that Greg Biffle will actually be staying with Roush Fenway next season. Silly season rumor mill has his teammate Carl Edwards going to Joe Gibbs as a rumored fourth car. I guess time will tell.

3. NASCAR journalist Dustin Long for MRN was interviewing Dale Jr on Friday when he miss-stepped on the scales in the tech area and broke his ankle. Then Dale Jr Wins…hmmm- NASCAR journalists -If I were you I would stay away from interviewing Dale Jr at tracks. (Just kidding- I would love the opportunity).

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

Tony Stewart at Pocono

Tony Stewart at Pocono 2014 (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure for BadGroove.com)

Tony Stewart at Pocono

Tony Stewart at Pocono 2014 (Photo Credit: Glenn Bure for BadGroove.com)


On to Michigan


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