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Trying to stack the vote for #RaceToTheHelmet: Pick Tony’s Helmet

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

UPDATE July 7th, 2014: Okay so my voting strategy has changed. I am now voting for whatever helmet has the most votes that is NOT the 40 Years Young helmet because I still think that helmet is UGLY with a capital UGLY.  This means as of late I have been voting for SMOKE. Join me won’t you?

***Original Post***

Tony Stewart fans- I have a question of the utmost importance for you. Is this a face that deserves to run an ugly helmet?

Tony Stewart at Sonoma

Tony Stewart at Sonoma June 22nd, 2014. (Photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/Don Grassmann for CIA STOCK PHOTO Copyright, CIA Stock Photography, Inc)

I say no.  I bet you say no too.

So here’s the deal.  Mobil 1 is giving us fans the chance to pick the design of the helmet Tony will run at Michigan. It’s easy to vote- just log into your Facebook account and go to the Mobil 1 page and click on the Race To The Helmet page to vote. You can vote once a day for one of five different designs.

And the last time I voted the one I disliked the most is in the lead by a WHOLE BUNCH. I am going to be blatant right now- it’s pretty damn ugly in my opinion. So, I am on a mission to dethrone it.

It was really hard for me to pick the one I liked best because I really like the top three a lot.  However, it was damn easy for me to pick the one I liked the least because well, it’s fugly (yes I said it). Here are the different helmets you have to choose from:  (top being the one I vote for and bottom being the fugly one my least favorite).

The Knight

The Knight: I love this helmet- there is just something about it that I think fits Tony Stewart, Mobil 1 and I enjoy the way it looks.


Smoke: I enjoy this one too. I like the colors and the pictures on the crown and around the bottom- all nostalgia pictures. I like that throwback feel. And the red. Love the red.

The Classic: I actually am a huge fan of the old school Mobil 1 Pegasus logo (would love to see this on Tony’s hood Mobil 1) and the white is eye catching and not usually a color helmet Tony runs. this one was also one that I really enjoyed.

The Gearhead

The Gearhead: This one is just kind of eh for me. I don’t know if that tach on the side is too big or what but I am just not a huge fan of it. This helmet has been eliminated and is no longer in the running.

40 Years Young: This one I DO NOT like. I find the gold leaf especially aesthetically unpleasing and since it is in the lead I am on a mission to dethrone it. Bleck.

VOTE! Vote daily! You could win a trip to the race and the helmet that Tony wears.  But really vote to help me dethrone the ugly one…join with me smoke fans. I know you all are out there. I can’t be the only one that doesn’t like the 40 Years Young helmet.

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