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A Charming #NASCAR Gift- SportLockets.com

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

I have found a NASCAR driver themed necklace for the NASCAR fan in your life and just in time for the holidays! Actually, technically you can thank my mom for this one- she was searching the internet- specifically she was looking for a NASCAR/racing/Tony Stewart themed living locket (charm lockets is what I call them) for yours truly as a Christmas gift when she stumbled upon SportLockets.com in her internet journey.  She ended up emailing them because while they have TONS of sport team themed lockets they had NO racing ones at all.  They replied back to my mom and now (with a little help from me deciding which drivers to feature) have a line of lockets that are themed with of the more popular NASCAR drivers!  They sent me a picture of one they mocked up for a Tony Stewart locket to see if it would be something I thought fans would be interested in and I loved it so much I bought it right away!

The racing line of their lockets can be found at http://sportlockets.com/collections/lockets/racing (that link takes you right to the racing themed lockets but check out the other sport lockets too)! They are SUPER adorable- obviously since I bought one right away (sorry mom- you will have to think of a different Christmas present for me) and would make great holiday or any day gifts for that NASCAR fan in your life (or football fan, or hockey fan, etc).

Here are just a some of the racing themed lockets they feature (you can click on the locket photo to go directly to that locket on their website):

Tony Stewart Bass Pro Paint Scheme

Danica Patrick Go Daddy Paint Scheme Locket

Dale Jr Mountain Dew Paint Scheme

Jeff Gordon Panasonic Paint Scheme

You can buy a complete locket as shown above (includes matching chain) or just the charms packet. Or both (as you will see in a second).  And the best part? If you don’t see your driver or you want different colors in the locket for a different paint scheme- all you need to do is contact them via the form on their website! They are VERY responsive and quick. And I will tell you this- I got my locket SUPER FAST after it had shipped!!

So here are some pictures of my actual locket- because you all know me- I don’t put anything up on BG if I don’t try it out!  Forgive the crappy lighting in my office- urg florescent lighting.  I got a complete locket and an extra charm packet so I could switch the charms out for either Tony’s Mobil 1 paint scheme or Bass Pro paint scheme:

Tony Stewart Mobil 1 paint scheme- the lighting stinks but the dark colored crystals are dark blue. (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

Tony Stewart Bass Pro Paint Scheme

Tony Stewart Bass Pro Paint Scheme (with letters spelling out Tony). (Photo Credit Amy Marbach)

I adore my locket and I bet the NASCAR fan in your life (or other sports fan) would love to support their favorite driver or team with a little bit of pretty bling!

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3 Responses

  • LJ says:

    Couldn’t find just the charm packs for racing. What am I missing?

  • Amy says:

    If you are looking for a specific color combo- click on the driver lockets and they are listed specific for the driver- OR you can always fill out the contact form on their website- the charm packets usually run about $19.00 and include two colors of crystals (you can specify) and letters/numbers that you specify as well as a checkered flag if you want one :-) They are working to get more racing related charms as well.

    The contact form for them is located here: http://sportlockets.com/pages/contact-us

  • Amy – thanks again for this. We really appreciate it!

    LJ – I will put the charm packs on our site right now. Oversight on my part.

    Thanks again!

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