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Dear Santa (A Letter From A Smoke Fan):

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Hi Santa! It’s me, Amy, your friendly neighborhood diehard Tony Stewart fan. It’s been a long time since I have written you a letter. A really, really long time, but we won’t talk about that! You already know if I have been naughty or nice so I won’t sit here and try to bargain with you regarding that fact. Nor will I wax poetically about whether or not you you exist- clearly you do based on the sole number of presents my three nephews had under their tree last year.  I thought it couldn’t hurt things if I actually sent you my wish list this year.

Anyway Santa, here is a list of  what this Smoke fan wants for Christmas this year. Just to warn you Santa- some of these things are a bit in the future from Christmas- but if it happens I will just know that I was extra-specially good this year:

1. A happy, healthy, ready-to-kick-butt Tony Stewart in Daytona. He’s got some more surgeries to deal with to tend to his badly broken leg from 2013- so make sure he has good doctors, good PT, and rests up so he can kick butt in 2015.

2. A Daytona 500 win for Smoke (and for us Smoke fans- because YEY!).

3. A rules package Tony can work with: It looks like NASCAR has changed the rules package a little- please please please Santa baby- let it compliment Tony’s driving style so that he can have a kick ass year that he needs, that Stewart-Haas Racing needs, and that us fans need too.

4. A playoff system that is FAIR.  Yes, Santa- I do know that life is not fair but my favorite sport should be! It’s not a “Championship” if one of the final four driver has no wins- yet there are many others who have many more wins.  You seem like a pretty fair guy- letting kids know that they get presents from you if they are on the Nice list but not on the Naughty list. Maybe you can talk to the powers that be and FIX this before NASCAR becomes a joke. I don’t know how to fix it- maybe make it so that the final four are the four drivers with the most wins and a fifth wild card who performed well in the chase? I don’t know but the new system doesn’t work (see why I think the system needs to be fixed here: What A Champion Is).

5. A strong stable at SHR overall. I think we have a great start by bringing over Rex Stump but we really need some engineering help!

6. A 2015 Sprint Cup Championship for Tony Stewart…because I always want him to win. ALWAYS.

7. Not really Tony Stewart related but for the 2015 banquet could we have someone other than Jay Mohr host? I really don’t like him and I don’t find him funny. And this was before the incident after last season’s banquet when he “fat-shamed” Alyssa Milano who was co-hosting the banquet with him.

8. A seamless transition to NASCAR on NBC- and one with, dare I dream, superior coverage when compared to it’s counterparts. (I know this is a lot to ask- but you can’t blame a girl for trying).

Thanks for your consideration Santa. I will leave you milk and cookies but look up on the counter in the kitchen for them because Gracie will try to eat them if I leave them near the tree.

Oh and I have already started on my list for next season year, in case you want to get a head start:

1. A road course in the chase.

2. A 2016 Sprint Cup Championship for Tony Stewart…because I always want him to win. ALWAYS.

Anyway that is all I have for you right now, big guy. I’ll make sure there is no fire in the fireplace this year so you can enter with ease.

Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Amy

PS. I leave for Vegas tomorrow so if you could just kind of look the other way for about a week, just in case I get a little naughty, that would be great. ;-)

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  • Angie says:

    I agree with most of the story. Yes I would love for Tony Stewart to come back well, rested & ready to race. Best wishes to Tony & the Stewart- Haas Racing Team !! Love ya !!

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