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The Sprint Unlimited: Showed Up To Play

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

The 14 crew services driver Tony Stewart’s #14 Mobil 1 Chevy during the Sprint Unlimited 2015. (Photo Credit: Mobil 1 Facebook Page)

Tony Qualified: 22nd in a random draw

Tony Finished: 13th, 7 laps down

Ahh, is it not great to have our NASCAR back? It is for me. I didn’t realize how much I missed it even until I was sitting in my kitchen trying to figure out if the date of the Unlimited was the same day and time of my nephew’s 5th birthday party (luckily indeed they weren’t even on the same day).

Tony Stewart In His Office-#SmokeAlwaysRises

Tony in his office at Daytona Speedway 2015 (photo credit: Mobil 1 Facebook Page)

And while the results of the race weren’t really what I had hoped for- I am VERY pleased with what I did see: Tony had a car that was competitive and he drove it hard. As he said on his radio during the race:

Do you think that they know I showed up to play today?” – Tony Stewart, team radio Feb. 14 2015

So not only did Tony have the swagger and confidence we fans are use to seeing from him, but he had the car to back up that swagger.  He was one of the few cars in the Unlimited that was actively passing other cars on a regular basis.  I can only hope against hope that might mean he might be getting that first elusive Daytona 500 win.

I have always loved the Sprint Unlimited because it’s good to get cars out on track and to “warm up the juices” with a non-points paying race that really is for nothing but bragging rights.  I still don’t like the crap shoot that is racing at super speedways- because inevitably one person spoils the day of a lot of other people…but at least we are racing!

Working on the Mobil 1 Chevy- #SmokeAlwaysRises

Working on the Mobil 1 Chevy at Daytona 2015. (Photo Credit: Mobil 1 Facebook)

Sprint Unlimited Notes:

1. Joey, Joey, Joey- I wouldn’t mess with Harvick if I were you…and before the first points paying race of the season?! What are you thinking?!

2. I know I wasn’t the only one who mistook Kyle Busch’s green Crispy M&M’s machine for Danica’s green GoDaddy machine under the lights at Daytona as the car that Tony tangled with and caused chaos on lap 67.  I hate it when cars run similar colored paint schemes.

3. I haven’t mentioned this yet but in addition to BadGroove,  I will be writing a weekly column for Beyond The Flag called The Good, Bad & Ugly that will recap the week’s good, bad and ugly moments of the week. So keep your eye out for those and let me know what you think!

Quote Of The Race: “You’ve got to use your head, you can’t just detach it and lay it on the floorboard.” Kevin Harvick, after a post-race confrontation with Joey Logano.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Tony miles in the garage area at Daytona 2015 (Photo Credit: Mobil 1 Facebook)

Next weekend we are still at Daytona for the Great American Race: The Daytona 500. Also don’t forget Daytona’s qualifying race, the Budweiser Duels, will be on Thursday.



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