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Dale Earnhardt Jr & #KBBEffect

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s #88 KBB Chevy rolls through the tech inspection at Sonoma Raceway June 2014 (Photo Credit: Amy K. Marbach)

If you drive a car you have probably heard of Kelley Blue Book. It’s THE resource when it comes to car valuations. It’s were the term “blue book value” comes from- consulting the paper book (back in the day) and now electronic book to find out exactly what price range a car can be valued at based on make, model, miles and condition but also including things like specific features.

Kelley Blue Book is one of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s sponsors and the pair want to empower all car buyers to be knowledgeable and in control of their car buying experience.  There is a big KBB Fan Zone set up down at the race in Atlanta- be sure to stop by and play some fun games and perhaps win a $50 gas card or even a trip to the All-Star Race in Charlotte (May 16h 2015).  Fear not if you are not at the race in Atlanta this weekend- there is an online sweepstakes too! The #KBBEffect sweeps starts Feb. 27th, 2015 and runs through March 30, 2015 for us fans and car buyer and to enter is easy: Fans tweet a picture of your vehicle with the hashtag (#KBBEffect) for a chance to win all kinds of prizes that range from autographed hats and diecasts to the grand prize: Two pairs of tickets to the fall race at Talladega (October 25th, 2015) including hospitality suite access.  Entries will be incorporated into a gallery where users can interact with Kelley Blue Book in an all-new engaging way.

And now for my #KBBEffect story:

In 2008 I bought a silver Chevy Heritage High Roof (HHR) and I LOVED that car. I took most excellent car of that car- serviced her on schedule, kept her pretty and shiny. I considered having dark gray ghost flames painted on her for goodness sakes (I didn’t do it because right around that time the economy crashed and I found myself a furloughed worker who was afraid to spend the extra money on something frivolous like some awesome flames). I drove that car everywhere- it had been all over California, southern Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Two Novembers ago- while in Phoenix for the fall NASCAR race I was walking through the fan area and I ALWAYS visit the team Chevy booth because my driver is a Chevy driver…and I have made no bones about my love of the Camaro.  In the back of my mind I had been considering getting a new vehicle because as much as I love the HHR she was my everyday driver, and then I saw this beautiful gold small but still solidly an SUV. I gave it a good looking over and then on our way out of PIR that day I asked Misty if it was okay if we stopped again. I gave it an even better looking over- and talked to one of the people working the Team Chevy booth about the Equinox- she showed me some of it’s features. I loved it- and I especially loved THAT color. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up my HHR.

Fast forward to last March- I was ready! I checked the Chevy website and was able to determine my local dealership had the exact Equinox I was looking for in the exact color and trim packages I had been hoping for.  I made an appointment with a salesman to come in that Saturday to test drive one. Meanwhile I had a very basic idea what the HHR was worth- but only very basic. I went to KBB and priced it there. It gave me the confidence to have a number in mind that I would go no lower than based on the KBB trade in value and I went in that Saturday and walked away with my Equinox- and got 500 more on the HHR than I had decided I would take. While we were waiting for the financing paperwork to print out, the salesman asked me if I had taken the HHR somewhere to be looked at and that was how I knew what it was worth. He was genuinely surprised I think that I didn’t take his lowball offer on my HHR- thanks the KBB I knew what it was worth andI was able to hold fast and get my way.  So that is my #KKBEffect story! What is yours?

My 2008 HHH (Heritage High Roof) that I traded in and my 2014 Chevy Equinox. Thanks for the help KBB! (Photo Credit: Amy K. Marbach Instagram account)

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