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TQTS: Tony Is All About The Animals…

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In honor of the fact that Tony is running the Code 3 Associates Paint Scheme this weekend at Martinsville I am going just a big bigger with my Friday Quotable Tony post this week- more quotes and more pictures all illustrating Tony’s passion for animals!

We start with his quote about Code 3 Associates from the Martinsville Pre-Race Team Release:

At Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia on March 28, 2014 (Photo courtesy of the Tony Stewart Foundation)

“We’re honored to have Code 3 Associates as a partner with Stewart-Haas Racing. Whenever there’s a disaster, everyone wants to help, and it’s nice to know there’s an organization out there that takes care of a sometimes overlooked but very important family member – your pet. Taking care of animals has always been important to me, and when we started our foundation, we made animal welfare a priority. To be able to promote the work of Code 3 Associates so that it can do even more work for people and their pets is very satisfying.”- Tony Stewart, Martinsville pre-race team release.

For those who don’t know who Code 3 Associates provide animal and recovery during natural disasters. But they also provide training in everything from technical animal rescue and animal disaster response to animal cruelty training for investigators. You can check out their website and become a free member or make a donation.

The quote from the team release got me thinking of that time we interviewed Tony for this blog. During the interview he was friendly and nice and answered everyone of our questions. Well the last question we asked him was about The Tony Stewart Foundation- and I have to tell you it was hard to miss the passion he felt when talking about the foundation- ESPECIALLY the animals- his face absolutely lit up and his whole body language changed. You can read it for yourself but you really had to be there to see him respond:

Amy: Your foundation works with many different charities, is there one charity that is closest to your heart?

Tony:Well, I think it still, on the children’s side of the foundation, is the Victory Junction Gang Camp. I mean Kyle and Patti Petty are really close friends of mine.  I didn’t know Adam very well but I knew Kyle and Patti very well. To see obviously how much it hurt when they lost Adam and it would have been easy for them to just walk away from everything there but they really pushed forward to make Adam’s dream happen and that’s something that we’re really proud to be a part of helping them realize that dream for him. You know any of the animal charities we do- it doesn’t matter WHAT it is. Those are a really big deal to us. I’m a big animal lover which ruins my bad reputation but it’s worth it. I just love animals and I always have. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Friends of Ferdinand program that we have with the horses or the ICAN Program with the trained dogs. You know any time that animals are involved is pretty cool. — Interview with Tony Stewart, 03-03-2010 Badgroove.com

Tony with Friends of Ferdinand (thoroughbred rescue) admiring the “14″ image left in Trip’s rear following a haircut! Photo taken 2012. (Photo courtesy of Tony Stewart Foundation)

Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN) – TSF funds their “Smoke’s Pup Crew Program” for dogs trained 2 years within the Indiana prison system & matched with children. (Photo courtesy of The Tony Stewart Foundation).

Humane Society of Hamilton County (Indiana) – TSF assists their Survivor Program. (Photo courtesy of the Tony Stewart Foundation)

The Tony Stewart Foundation provides grants to charities servicing critically or chronically ill children, at-risk or endangered animal welfare and drivers with Motorsports related injuries. For more information on how you can help the foundation visit their website.


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