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STP 500: The Gamble Didn’t Pay Off

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

Tony Stewart’s #14 Chevy was sponsored by Code 3 Associates (Photo Credit: The Tony Stewart Foundation Facebook Page)

Tony Qualified: 6th

Tony Finished: 20th

Points: 87 points, 32nd in the series standings

I was excited for Martinsville- it’s a favorite track for me to watch on television. I like watching tight quarters racing. It’s what NASCAR racing is to me- rubbing, contact, flared tempers and cars that look like they have been through a 500 miles race.  So I always get excited when it comes time for Martinsville. Always.

Crew at work on the #14 Code 3 Associates Chevy. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/Rusty Jarrett)

It was looking like it was going to be a pretty darn good race for us Stewart fans as well. Tony qualified the car 6th! That in itself was exciting to me. Whoo!  Martinsville is so small that it is easy to get a lap down if you are too far in the back of the field.  So with my fingers crossed for a decent showing at Martinsville I sat down on Sunday and watched 43 drivers take the green flag.

During the first part of the race Tony was able to keep his car in the top 10, but then after awhile it seemed that the handling went away and he started to sink down down down the field- hovering usually anywhere between 13th and 16th. Towards the end of the race Tony was able to work his way back into the top ten towards the end of the race.  A caution came out and Tony and Chad discussed whether or not to come: the old new tires versus track position, the will there be a caution- trends say yes crap shoot. They gambled and lost that one.

The Code 3 Associates #14 of Tony Stewart on track at Martinsville. (Photo Credit: The Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/Rusty Jarrett)

While Tony was able to hold off the field for eight glorious laps he soon lost on them as their newer tires gained for them and his old tires started to give way.  Tony came in 20th. It really was a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation and they lost out.

Race winner was Denny Hamlin!

Notes about the race:

  1. I hope that Kyle Larson is feeling better and is back on track (literally and figuratively) by the Texas race! After all it sounds like Jeff Gordon’s son Leo is a big fan of the young driver and you don’t want to disappoint the tyke.

  2. I serious am having issues believing that teams are deliberately poking holes in their own tires to assist with air pressure and tire wear. It seems like a dangerous thing. What I don’t find surprising is that Chad Knaus texted the series director to ask if it was okay to poke holes in their tires.  That cracks me up.

  3. I am going to admit that I am in three different NASCAR fantasy leagues and thank you Denny- because he is who I picked for Martinsville in one of my leagues and I am now fourth in the standings in that league. Unfortunately I didn’t fair as well with my other two leagues. Oh well. I am not very good at fantasy NASCAR- but I will take 4th. It will likely be the highest I will be all season- I may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. This has nothing to do with NASCAR but is funny (so I think).  My dad texted me to tell me who the winner of the Indycar season opener was. This was what his text said: Montorch won Indycar. I was thinking who on earth is Montorch? Did he mispell that? Was it some weird auto correct fail? It took me a good half an hour to realize he was making a funny. Mon-Torch. Then I got to thinking about poor Juan Pablo Montoya and how that one unfortunate incident with a jet dryer is how he will be remembered in NASCAR.

  5. While this weekend may be an off race weekend- that doesn’t mean that BadGroove will be all stale and stagnant after this post. I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve so be sure to stay tuned this week.

The Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

Tony Stewart getting into his #14 at Martinsville Speedway for qualifying. (Photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/Rusty Jarrett)

Tony Stewart bundled up before the start of the race at Martinsville. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/ Rusty Jarrett)

Next Week’s Race: It’s an off week for all three NASCAR series but then we are in Texas.



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  • Todd says:

    Tony needs to get rid of his crew chief not he caused Tony races because of poor judgement this isnt the first n it’s not the last

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