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Amy’s #NASCAR Reading List: Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years

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I have been in love with American muscle cars for as long as I can remember. There is just something about the lines and the power of those cars that speak to me and always have. I have built a virtual fantasy garage if you will of cars that I would own. However, I would also sneak in a little sleek Italian super car into that fantasy collection of mine.

That is why I absolutely love the book Lamborghini Supercars 50 years From the Groundbreaking Miura to Today’s Hypercars. The introduction starts out with an except from an interview with Ferruccio Lamborghini that tells the story about where he got the idea to make a car.  He had purchased a Ferrari and while he loved driving it he found that when he drove the car hard he had problems with the clutch slipping.  He had to have the clutch regularly rebuilt and finally got tired of it so he went to talk to Enzo Ferrari about his car only to be told “Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly.” Which he states is when he decided embark on the endeavor to create the “perfect” car.

The rest they say is history- a visual history presented lovingly in this book. Starting with the Miura P400 known as the first mid-engine Supercar and moving on to the Countach (my personal favorite), to the last true original Lamborghini – the Diablo.  It goes into all the supercar models after Audi acquired Lamborghini including the Murcielago, the Gallardo, the Reventon of 2008, the 2011 Aventador and all the way to the sleek Huracan of today.  The book the book gives the history of each design as well as the states of the different models along with gorgeous photos of each machine in various angles and colors. Each of the most popular models has quick stats of each car. The cars are stunningly presented and I have to say – I might not like green cars (they are my least favorite color of car) but the gorgeous Murcielago photos in this book made me have second thoughts about green cars.

The physical book itself is a beautiful large 224 page 10.2 x 1 x 12.5 inch hardcover book filled with color photography and has a forward by Fabio Lamborghini

The photography of this book is top notch. Photographer James Mann brings the cars not just to live but is able to highlight the sleek rocket-like lines on the Lamborghinis to bring the speed to the pages of this book.  James man is known to be one of the world’s leading car and motorcycle photographers and his work really shines in his book. His work has appeared with in and on the covers of more than 50 books and provided more of his stunning automotive visuals on and in many magazines including Classic and Sports Car, CAR Magazine, Forza, and Automobile magazines. You can read more about James on his website: JamesMann.com

The author of this book, Stuart Codling, has quite the pedigree in motorsports himself. He has worked in motorsports for over a decade covering sports cars in the United States as a journalist and broadcaster before joining F1 Racing the premier magazine covering Formula 1 racing. He has appeared as an F1 expert on both television and radio.  You can read more about him on his websit: StuartCodling.com

For Full Disclosure purposes (I am looking at you FTC): I received a copy of this gorgeous book for review purposes but the words and thoughts about the book are my own.

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