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Loose Lugnuts 9: The Chase Edition

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

September 11, 2015: during practice for the Federated Auto Parts 400 at the Richmond International Raceway . (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Andrew Coppley)

There isn’t as much rattling around my brain this week…but I still have a couple lug nuts pinging around the old pit stall that is my brain:

1. The Chase is on and SHR has two cars in championship contention (Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch). Of course I want SHR to win but it’s hard for me to pick between Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch. I have been waffling back and forth between the two for whatever reason all week. One moment I am all GO HARVICK and the next I am all GO KURT.  I am a Tony Stewart fan and since Tony Stewart is the STEWART in Stewart-Haas racing  a championship for either driver would be great overall since Tony isn’t in the Chase this year. Of course I still want Tony Stewart to win all the chase races. I always want that- whether he is in the chase contending for the cup or casually racing around the block on a skateboard (no I have never seen or heard of Tony racing around the block on a skateboard- I am using that as a weird analogy) on his off time.  I would love to see Tony go out there and win a race or three. There are still ten races before the end of the season. I say go and be that chase spoiler Tony! You can do it! So Go SHR in the chase but go Tony for the win! That said Busch or Harvick? Why? Help me get behind one of the two SHR Driver Nations.

2. While we are speaking about Stewart-Haas in the NASCAR Chase for the cup. Here is a great chase preview video put together by Mobil 1 The Grid on our Stewart-Haas drivers:

As Tony says at the very end of the video don’t forget to subscribe to the Mobil 1 The Grid Youtube channel for more exclusive motorsports videos for all the Mobil 1 sponsored teams including those revolving around SHR. The also have a pretty cool twitter feed you might want to follow.

3. BTW- I am still adamant about voting Tony Stewart in as Most Popular driver…help me will you?

4. That said- I have been pretty vocal in the past about this Chase Grid format- I am not a huge fan of it. Apparently though I am in the minority there.  I hate that drivers are eliminated every three race round. I want to hear from you all…so you like it? Why? Also? As much as I don’t like the chase format I do have to say that I like the rallying behind the different driver nations. Of course Jr Fans already consider themselves a nation which I think is where NASCAR might have gotten the idea but still as much as I dislike the format I do like the marketing around the format.

5. Of course I also think that the Chase is lacking one important component – and that is a road course. After all we are picking a series champion…why not make sure that that champion can conquer all forms of the racing in the series including road course racing. I mean- they have two that they race during the season…they should definitely incorporate one in the chase. Which one to give up though?  That is the key question. I say one of the 1.5 mile tracks….but which one?  First on my personal list to go would be Kansas.  It’s too cookie-cutter as they like to say. Second on my list isn’t really a 1.5 miler but is a track for whatever reason I just don’t like that much to watch on television and that is Dover. Do you have a chase track you’d like to see replaced with a road course? Which ones?

6. Also have you filled out your 2015 Chase Grid yet for the NBCSports Perfect Grid Challenge? Might as well try for the perfect grid- I mean you could win $16 million dollars (what would I do with that kind of money? I don’t even know but I can think of a few things…like buy this house just because it’s that cool).  What would you do with your $16 million dollars?

7. So last night Tony was at a fair, carnival, theme park of some sort and won himself 3 lage goldfish tossing ping pong balls into a jar.  So what does he do? He goes out and admittedly spends $160 at Walmart at 1 am to get those three fish the best aquarium any carnival prize fishies could dare to dream about. You got to love Tony for his soft spot for animals (even carnival prize gold fishies). Looks like he gave them quite the home. It’s one reason why he’s my driver -just one of a myriad of reasons (and yes I do love the word myriad- I am a geek like that). It’s also one reason that I support The Tony Stewart Foundation- because of their work to provide grants to organizations that assist animal welfare.

Well there I guess I had more rolling around in my brain that I thought I did! That’s a relief- I would hate to have an empty head!


Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

September 11, 2015: Tony Stewart during qualifying at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond Va. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Harold Hinson)

11 September 2015 – Tony Stewart during qualifying for the Federated Auto Parts 400 at the Richmond International Raceway. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Tom Copeland)


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