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Chicagoland – 2015 Chase Race 1

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September 18, 2015: during practice for the myAFibRisk.com 400 at the Chicagoland Speedway, in Joliet IL . (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Andrew Coppley)

Tony Qualified: Qualifying was rained out so he started 23rd based on first practice speeds.

Tony Finished: 25th, 3 laps down

Points: 530 (26th in points standings)

I admit it, I didn’t watch the race on Sunday. Go on and digest that one for a tad.

Before you get upset- I did listen to every second of it as broadcast on SiriusXM 90 because I was traveling back up to my home from Pomono in Southern California. I have had to do this before (not this year) while traveling. Let me tell you those MRN broadcasters? They do a heck of a job! If you can’t watch but you can listen- I highly suggest it because they can paint a picture of exactly what is going on on track. If you don’t have Sirius though you can listen online or using the MRN ap.

Unfortunately though I was unable to listen to Tony’s radio really so I have no real comments on his particular run this week. Of course it’s not going to stop me from peppering the post with Tony pictures though.

18 September 2015: Tony Stewart during Sprint Cup practice at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. (Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Rusty Jarrett )

As someone who didn’t watch the race but only listened it sounded fairly exciting- was it? I mean part of it had to be due to the chase and the radio focused mostly on the chase drivers but did go through the field and give updates on other drivers- but they really only talked about Tony twice maybe three times that I recall. And while I thought they did a great job calling the race and bringing excitement to it that way- I was so upset at the end of the race when I just wanted to know how the rest of the field placed.  I happened to be pulling into a gas station so I sat there and fiddled with my phone trying to pull up the race results on the mobile ap or twitter- neither of which happen to work when you are  someplace where you get virtually no signal.  Of course we won’t even go there how in my frustration I dropped my keys and my phone in my purse, got out shut my door and proceeded to pump my gas.  And when I was done I figured out I had locked my  keys, my phone, my purse, and my wallet in the car. The only things I had on my person were my gas card and about $12 cash that I had shoved in my pocket that morning in case I needed it for breakfast.  Thank goodness that 1. I have OnStar and 2. The gas station was kind enough to let me use their phone!

I didn’t even KNOW about the extracurricular activity between Harvick and Johnson though until I had gotten home several hours later. Not seeing the wreck I am not sure who was at fault- but I am glad to hear that NASCAR won’t be fining either driver because honestly- it’s due to the format of the chase that these kind of reactions to on-track incidents happen.  With the championship eligible field dwindling down by four drivers ever three races there is urgency which begets these kind of incidents.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t like the fact that drivers who are the “chasers” get eliminated at the end of Chase rounds. That could just be me though.

So it sounds like from what I read later that Tony didn’t have that great of a day. He had worked his way up the field but it sounds like an ill-timed caution (he was one of the drivers that were caught a lap down) and then because of the way the cautions went he wasn’t ever able to get that lap back. I also heard something about a malfunctioning impact gun during one of the pitstops?

myAFibRisk.com 400 20 September 2015: Tony Stewart during the MyAFibRisk.com 400 at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. (Photo credit: Tony Stewart Official Facebook Page/HHP/Rusty Jarrett )

It is a disappointing start of the Chase for Tony Stewart, while he is not in contention for the championship he is still in contention for wins and I am all for that!  Tony finished 23rd and is still 26th in the championship standings. I know that they have gone back to the original 2015 aero package and it seemed that Tony struggled immensely with that package so hopefully the team can figure out ways to make Smoke fast and comfortable in his rocket.  Race winner was Denny Hamlin who automatically locks into the next round of the championship chase.

As far as our Stewart-Haas chasers did: Kurt Busch finished third and is currently 5th in the championship standings. Teammate Kevin Harvick finished 42nd and is currently 16th in the championship standings.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Pictures:

(Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

(Photo Credit: Tony Stewart Official Facebook Store/HHP/Rusty Jarrett)



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