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Loose Lugnuts 10

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page, Martinsville 2014 Album)

The stuff that has been rolling around in my brain like lugnuts in a pitstall during a green flag pit stop:

1. Wow- 10 “Loose Lugnuts” posts already? Not bad for just kind of a fun list. Like I said this is actually one of my favorite posts I write because it’s totally how I think- it’s just kind of a stream-of-conscious type thing. This seems to be a fairly post so I will keep it up!

2. Clint Bowyer’s number 15 Michael Waltrip Racing team was penalized 25 points yesterday for some sort of rules infraction that I saw on twitter was an “illegal trackbar” but for some reason the releases on the penalties the exact reason for the 15 team penalty wasn’t mentioned beyond a bunch of handbook infraction numbers that mean nothing to someone like me who doesn’t have a NASCAR rule book (would love one if anyone wants to pass one my way).   I have to say with Michael Waltrip Racing’s previous track record with these kind of issues I am not surprised. Part of me wonders if they don’t have trouble securing sponsorships because of previous cheating penalties (I am of course thinking of Boywer’s overly itchy arm a few years ago, and the jet fuel scandal a few years before that).  Of course MWR are appealing the penalty- I just hope that the appeal is heard soon (and upheld) because it really hoses up the chase when one of the chasers is penalized something like that- I mean with the points system the way it is (I almost called it the “new” points system but I guess we can pretty much state that it’s not really that new anymore ) 25 points is 25 positions on track (there were also monetary fines and  suspensions). Personally I think once the chase for the championship has started, anyone caught cheating should be disqualified from the chase. Yes they should be able to appeal it- and the appeal should be before the next race of the chase. Of course I think all chase cars should get an automatic post race trip to R&D as well to get a good going over to make sure that the cheating thing isn’t rampant.  That’s just my thoughts on the whole process.

3. In other news due to the penalty- Kevin Harvick has now advanced into 15th place in the Chase.  \

4. Kurt Busch’s crew chief, Tony Gibson, is recovering from an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday.  He does plan to be at the track for the race on Sunday but engineer John Klausmeier will be filling in for Gibson until he is able to make it to the track this weekend.  SHR vice president of competition, Greg Zipadelli, will also be lending more support than usual to the 41 team as needed this weekend to help lighten the load. Hope Tony Gibson is feeling better soon!

5. You only have until the 30th (that’s next Wednesday) if you indeed want to get your name on Joey Gase’s Xfinity race car for the Charlotte race and support two good causes at the same time (St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital & The American Cancer Society).  A donation of at least $25 gets your name on the car, a picture of your name on the car, and a party with Joey if you are at the Charlotte race! Check out the MDRMotorsports.Org GoFundMe page for more information and to make a donation. If you happen to be at the race at Charlotte be sure to look for badgroove.com on Joey’s car!

6. For those Dale Jr fans who stumble in here from time to time did you know that Jr is in talks with Fox to be in the booth Xfinity races next year? Okay yeah you probaby did but here is a little article about it okay well maybe only one race- but hopefully more.

7. Here is an article for those of you who are following the Ward Family VS Tony Stewart proceedings. It’s more about the insurance side of the lawsuit.  Apparently one of Tony’s insurance companies has asked the judge to make a declaration that should Stewart be held financially liable in the civil case that they are not responsible for any of that judgement, at least that is how I read the article anyway. I assume (remember I know nothing about legal proceedings — professionally I work in Information Technology–so this is all my own conjecture) that this is a pretty standard happening in a case such as this.

8. Here is a video of the drivers explaining why the chase ramps up the emotion and thus the competitiveness and conflict between drivers from NBCSport that I enjoyed and thought you might too:

 9. Check out this edition of Rookie Stripe over at Skirts and Scuffs where Logan talks about what goes into making your favorite and least favorite paint schemes! I love the stuff the ladies at Skirts and Scuffs do- but I have to say that Rookie Stripe is one of my favorite recurring columns right now.  I almost always learn something new- you might too!

10. Sounds like Florida Georgia Line will be doing the pre-race concert for next year’s season opener at Daytona.

If I haven’t told you all lately- I do enjoy all of you who take the time out of your day to read what I have typed.  I like hearing what resonates with you and what doesn’t resonate with you.  So keep up interacting with me over social media or in the comments and THANK YOU FOR READING!

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page, Martinsville, 2014 Album)


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