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TQTS: Helping Animals In Natural Disasters

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Tony Stewart, Martinsville 2014 (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

This weekend Tony Stewart is carrying Code 3 Associates on board with him at New Hampshire as his primary sponsor. For those who aren’t familiar with Code 3 Associates it’s an organization that works to rescue and reunite pet owners with their pets during natural disasters. It’s something you might not think about. Picture if you will the devastating fires that California has been facing. Our fire season has been longer and more intense this year because of drought conditions and warm weather.  Picture having to go to your barn and open the gate and let your beloved horse go and hope for the best as the evacuations are getting near because you didn’t have the ability or the time to be able to transport your horse out before escaping yourself.  Picture driving down a congested, hazy, smoke ensconced freeway and  seeing two horses tied in the bed of a pickup in the lane next to you because their owners didn’t want to just leave them to fend for themselves.  These are pictures and stories I have seen and read on facebook of friends and relatives having to evacuate on short notice.  It’s in times like these that Code 3 Associates come in and help and just as importantly work hard to train others to help as well.

I think everyone at Stewart-Haas Racing is very honored to have Code 3 Associates as a partner. Taking care of animals has always been important to me and, when we started our foundation, we made animal welfare a priority. To be able to promote the work of Code 3 Associates so that it can do even more work for people and their pets is very satisfying. For those who don’t know, whenever there is a disaster, Code 3 Associates is the organization out there that takes care of a family’s pet – the one family member that can get overlooked in a disaster situation. It’s a program I really enjoy being able to promote both on and off the track.” — Tony Stewart, New Hampshire Team Release

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Tony Stewart, Martinsville, 2014 (Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)


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