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Loose Lugnuts 13: The Unlucky Lugnuts

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(photo credit: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

So I guess this would be the unlucky version of the Loose Lugnuts post since it’s number 13. Run and hide people! Run and hide and don’t forget to cover your lugnuts (sorry today is the Great Shakeout here in Cali- which means we all do your standard duck and cover earthquake drill- so if you are looking for me tomorrow around then check under my desk).  Anyway- onto the the things that have being ricocheting around my brain like loose lugnuts during a green flag pit stop:

1. Speaking of unlucky- I guess we might as well lead with the fact that Charlotte wasn’t really that lucky for team 14. Not only did we finish laps down but we were dinged with two penalties that have us losing 15 minutes of practice time (and we seem to need all we can get lately) AND losing our pit stall selection that is usually based on qualifying. Seems the infractions were due to failing pre-qualifying inspection too many times and failing pre-race templates too many times. Sigh- so we already have been having a tough year and now we can’t practice for 15 minutes and we get the pit stall that went over the fence last. This season man…this season.

2. While on the subject of Tony Stewart- have you seen this awesome Mobil 1 GridTV Video detailing the progression of his career:

3. We all know that Tony is an awesome racer but did you know he apparently has mad pumpkin carving skills to boot? Just check out this photo he tweeted out of his first pumpkin carving of the year. I personally love Halloween and decorating for it (see my tweet about it, and my instagram pic) but loath carving pumpkins. Of course I never thought to take a dremel to the pumpkin…still I don’t think mine would come out as good. I wonder if Tony would mind flying to Cali to carve my pumpkins?!

Tony’s wicked awesome pumpkins

3. Congratulations to Kasey Kahne on the birth of his son Tanner Lee Kahne on October 13th.

4. Tweets like THIS tweet from Jimmie Johnson are why I love social media. Of course I also hate social media sometimes but those reasons are usually easily solved with the block button.

5. And while we are on the topic of Jimmie Johnson- this BleacherReport article about him showed up while I was trolling cnn.com for the news of the day at work at the beginning of the week.  And it made me mad. First off- as far as I know Jimmie Johnson hasn’t announced any plans to retire just yet. Secondly- I have mentioned before that I think it’s asinine that he is out of the chase because he has wins while others still in the chase have yet to nab one victory let alone multiple victories. And you can argue with me until you are blue in the face- I still think that a champion should be the person who won the most wins in the season case closed. This jumping through hoops and eliminating drivers and such just creates a false sense of urgency/drama and I don’t like it. Thirdly- it’s not like he didn’t make the chase…he just didn’t jump through the right hoops to get to the second round.  It’s not like his wife is chasing him down the drive way with golf clubs and he’s coming in last all the time so I don’t see the comparison to Tiger at all. Arg!

6. So have you heard that Anheuser Busch is merging with Miller? It’s apparently a really BIG merger in the world of beer.  My only question is this: how will it effect NASCAR sponsorship? Even though Busch is what will be sponsoring Harvick next year (why any sponsor would actually lessen their sponsorship of a team that is HOT like Harvick is goes beyond my feeble little mind) they are still owned by Anheuser Busch.  That is the #4 Chevy of Kevin Harvick. Then we have the #2 Ford of Brad Keselowski.  It would be weird to have primary sponsors be across manufacturers like that.  But what do I know? I mean I can under stand being sponsored by different teams as Bass Pro occasionally serves as primary sponsor on both Tony Stewart and Austin Dillon but those are both Chevrolets. I guess we will just have to see how it all plays out but here is a funny meme about it:

Found somewhere on facebook that I don’t remember…

7.  If you are lucky enough to be going to the Kansas Bass Pro Autograph session- take pictures– I wanna see :-) Or a video…tell him I said hi…of course he probably won’t know who I am but that’s okay. :-)

8. Still looking for Tony fans to tell there story about their Tony fandom here on Badgroove. Just email me at badgruv@netzero.com for more information!

9. Whoops- forgot to remind you:  Show Tony Stewart that you #StandWithSmoke! It’s easy to do::

  1. Donate at least $1.00 to StandWithSmoke.com (if you donate at least $10.00- your donation is doubled by an anonymous donor up to a total donation of $50,000 – which means the foundation would get $100,00).
  2. Print out your #StandWithSmoke sign (the link will be in your email receipt).
  3. Post a picture or video (or both) of you with your sign on the Tony Stewart Foundation FaceBook page or on twitter with the hashtag #StandWithSmoke and tag @14TSF.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook page)


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