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Loose Lugnuts 15

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Unfortunately it seems that the Lugnuts are rolling around a bit (a lot) slower than normal this week…I don’t know why but I have a feeling it was because I covered too much stuff in my race post that would have normally been good fodder for a Loose Lugnuts post. Anyway- at least the lugnuts are somewhat rolling:

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Official Store/HHP/Rusty Jarrett)

1. By now everyone has seen Tony Stewart’s Halloween costume pretty much everywhere you look…and probably many of the memes that have been streaming in with it. This is my favorite meme thus far:

Via @nascarasm

But what I really want to know about the whole deal? Is did he do his own makeup/false eyelashes? Oh I chortle at the visual.

2. My favorite NASCAR related thing that I have seen this week actually comes from Jeff Gordon.  The story and videos of Loraine- Jeff Gordon fan whom he met at a fanclub (Jeff Gordon Experience) event at Sonoma raceway.  She had him sign the tags to her much beloved 2003 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo at the event where she told him the car had caught fire and burned up.  Jeff Gordon brought her to a dealership and gifted her his personal JG Monte Carlo- it only has 124 miles on the car.  Here is the video of Jeff presenting Loraine with the car- but you should check out the whole story on the Jeff Gordon website because it has pictures of Loraine’s burned up car right on the side of highway 580 in Northern California:

Is that not an awesome thing of Jeff Gordon to do? Since I live in Cali I will keep my eyes on the road for Loraine- although if I were her- I would only take that sucker out on special occasions!

3. Justin Allgaier will be driving full time for Jr. Motorsports next season in the Xfinity series, piloting the no. 7 Brant Professional Agriculture Chevy Camaro. He will join teammate Elliot Sadler to vie for the 2016 Xfinity Championship. Per normal the 88 Xfinity car will host a variety of different drivers including Kevin Harvick, Chase Elliott, and of course Dale Earnhardt Jr. While some people might see this as a step backwards for Allgaier- I still think that it’s a great opportunity to showcase his driving talent under a well funded team umbrella.

4. Have you joined the Tony Stewart Foundation’s pledge to #StandWithSmoke yet? Come on fans! Let’s really show Tony Stewart how we support him in his last year by going to StandWithSmoke.com and donate at least $1.00 (any donation of $10 or more gets doubled) and print out your sign, sign it and take a picture of yourself with your sign! Easy.

5. Also…while this is Indy car related- it’s racing related- and aren’t all racers family? Consider this PSA and consider helping the #Shirts4Sage initiative:

6. Here is a picture of Tony Stewart with Marco Andretti at Talladega because do I need a reason? Yeah I didn’t think so:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/ HHP /Rusty Jarrett)

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

Tony startles Jr. Last Season in Martinsville:

Photo Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/Don Grassmann/CIA Photo)

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/Don Grassmann/CIA Photo)


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